race rant!

This is actually not about a race I have done.  It’s about one I wanted to do.

Looking over my marathon training plan, which I hope comes to actual completion with a Marathon….
I saw a few opportunities to do some half Marathons.
One looked perfect.
the Running for the Bay Half Marathon up in Northern Florida.   I have not been to that area and the idea of doing a run and then spending the next day exploring some of the Islands up there was tempting. So much so that I asked for 2 days off to do it.
Then I saw the price of the race…
85.00 since July!  Thats a fairly steep price for an inaugural race which can not promise anything except a certified course along the bay.
Since I had the time off approved, I decided to bite the registration price bullet.
The I attempted to look for a hotel for the night.
There is one Best Western in the area that is completely booked for that night.  So I started calling all the Fluffy Victorian Bed and Breakfasts…
I’ve always found the Victorian style to be a bit overwhelming.  One or pieces here and there are interesting and fun, but the whole floral thing and overstuffed things make me a little nervous.  In addition, the cost of staying at one of these places is just really just as Bloated Victorian as the furniture.
I started calling places.  All Booked, except for one place that is 2 blocks form the start line that is trying to have a “Murder Mystery Weekend”  they would have done better to just have bowed to the runners and let them stay there instead.  We are generally not that sloppy, though we do take several showers I suppose.
I emailed the race director asking if there was a plan for adequate parking as I could not find anything open within 20 miles of the race site.  I noted on the web site that parking is “to be decided” which means, they have no idea how they will handle the traffic that this race will bring.
Then all of a sudden it dawned on me.  THIS is RIDICULOUS!
The whole point of the race was to run the long run with some others, and also to see a different part of Florida.  It was definitely not to end up encased in Victorian Ruffle….
and spending  a great deal more money than I wanted to spend.
getting stuck in traffic messes, etc etc.
So, i’m not doing that race.  I would have forked out the 85.00 but no, I’m going to just stay home. Ther eis nothing else really scheduled for racing that distance at all in that time frame.
THere is another Inaugural race in December  it is in the opposite direction, South Florida…
The late registration fee for this race is 70.00  Since I would be registering on time, (2 months ahead of the race rather than the other races 4 months ahead)  the price is 50.00.  The course will also be certified, and is right close to
JN “DIng Darling National Wildlife Refuge which I would probably enjoy visiting with my camera.
There are multiple  regular people priced hotels within 2 miles of the race site.  I’m talking best Westerns Comfort Inns.  They aren’t as nice as beach cottages, but…they are nice and simple and somewhat anonymous.  I never really am one to chat a lot with B and B owners.
the bonus of waiting until December to actually run the half in a race is that I have a few more months to train as well and would expect that the time would be better then….
So, I have asked for 4 days off.  Sent the Assistant Manager and Scheduler a personal email.
Lets hope I can do it.  I sure do wish I could find someone who liked to trudge through the swamps to go with me, but
most of my friends as more into Manicures and Martini’s on vacation.  I may need some new friends!!!!
So, Marathon and Half Marathon organizers….if you build it they might or might not come, depending on how organized you are about it!

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5 thoughts on “race rant!

  1. Hello..I get the..'being in the marathon' thing..and the t-shirt comraderie..(a good word)..but those prices..to run something that can be done the day before..or the day after..for nothing but grit and determination..wow..I guess if the cause or charity is worthwhile and supportable in heart and mind..that is the purpose..for all of it..the victorian room did look quaint and nice..the title..if one got involved..may have been fun..hope it works well in any case..Peace Tony

  2. Oh yes Tony, almost all the big races benefit charity. In the case of the one I had to dump, the money raised benefited the Wounded warrior foundation which helps wounded Iraq vets (something I think its sad that we have to have a charity to do but I support).the Mangrove Marathon I think benefits the Mangroves, but I am unsure on that, It is nice to run in a group without traffic and such.

  3. Oof, I"m so with you on the Victorian ruffle. Looking at the picture of that room is giving me vertigo. It wasn't just the corsets making the ladies swoon, it was all that clashy clashy with the patterns. Yikes. Swamp sounds waaaay better 🙂

  4. Hello..I know what you mean on the vets..just a reflection of how much the 'money generals' really care..not a whit..I had it better..the VA did my medical needs..in that time for thirty years..along those lines..anytime there is a charity..someone is caring..a good thing in this time..worth saving as a living being..there are so many in need now..I read Amnestiy Intl. petitions..ACLU petitions..and other rights and activist..like AVAAS..it does not take long..but in places one never thinks of..should not have to think of..folks are being used..folks are suffering..we could all make it..yes we could..have a good one and luck in the races you run..Peace Tony

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