So looking better

Well, after several attempts I have managed to insert a header that I like.  What do you all think?  It is a little too minimalistic, btu I am getting the hang of it.

I had no idea how stressful this move would be!  really….

The entire format is so confusing, but really it is not that hard to figure out, one just has to continue to fiddle with things.

I need to update the entire blog with my current running plans, what I am reading, and of course how the semi-wonder dog is doing.

I mean what is a blog from me without “Life’s little Updates”?

But for now lets just say, for the past two days I’ve had trouble keeping a normal pace in the pool or running.  Today I finally got sick sick sick.  and that would be the problem folks.  Most unfortunately I need to work tomorrow night.  So I am eating salty ramen, and downing some “effervescent cold medicine”  and hoping some sleep and a good run tomorrow will sweat it out of me (or at least get me through 12 hours of night shift torture.


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