Wow,  setting up my blog on WordPress was a bit more complicated that I expected….I do not plan on migrating any posts which is too bad, but….none of what I wrote was that worthy of saving!

ANyway this is where I can be found!!!

so, I hope to see you all on my Blogroll!!!!

I'll be working on finding you all as well!!!!

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6 thoughts on “wordpress

  1. Hi Katie! I just stopped by at Vox to find out how my friends are doing and I was shocked when I read in the homepage that Vox was closing down! It is really very sad, because though I didn't use Vox much for posting, I have always loved the interface and the features and the Vox community and I have loved reading the posts of my Vox friends. It is really a sad day 😦 Glad to know that you have created a WordPress blog. Please do migrate your Vox posts to your WordPress blog. You have some wonderful posts and some wonderful pictures in your Vox posts and I am sure you would love to see them sometime and your blog-friends would like to see them sometime too. If you need help I can help you in moving posts to WordPress. Please do let me know.

  2. What a pain is right. Just the fact that I have to migrate or lose 3 years of data is annoying. Not sure where I’ll end up yet but it will be figured out soon. Cheers!

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