Shuffling along

Well, on a run a week or so ago my ipod shuffle Second generation died a painful and I think sweat-related death.  It just stopped working at mile 3.  Amazingly this occurred 1 week before the new shuffles came out.  THis is a good thing.  The most recent shuffle until now had been eschewed by runners because of the headphone controls…you had to use apple headphones as all the controls were on the headphones…and once those headphones got sweaty…well…you gave up all control over the Ipod….or it quit, like my second generation…

Thats the second generation one that I had been using.

The next one out is the one that got rid of the controls on the pod.

while it was smaller, the lack of controls really irritated people and most people I knew simply did not replace their second generation shuffle.

Well….Apple listened.  the New out this week shuffle has the clickable controls back and Bigger than ever!!!!!!!

It’s also a great price at 49.00  but…now I am in a debate.  Is this thing just going to get sweated on and short out again?  Or did I just have a particularly bad Second generation shuffle?

I am thinking I may actually get this cute little thing and put it in a small zip lock and pin that to my shirt, as I am so afraid of messing it up again…

I’m a fan of the shuffle, it’s small, compact, plays a ton of music, and has no screen which is not something one needs when running anyway…. I just don’t want to but a new one every 2-3 months…..

Also I can not decide  between the blue and the gold.   which one do you like?


12 thoughts on “Shuffling along

  1. That is really cool..I knew they had moniters..but not in ipods..even if the software was central..each signal would have to be unique to the individual racer..then on the other hand..we ran races for a looooong time without them..HO HO..have a gud one and stay in shape..Peace Tony

  2. Emmi says:

    Hmmm. The gold is cool, but it would hurt my eyes. I’d go with blue for a zen activity like running. Are you sure it died from sweat? LOL – things are made so cheaply these days. Sadly, even new things break often. But the stack looks tempting, like a pile of candy. Now I want one!

  3. The green! OK, green is my favorite color. Hmmm…blue or gold. The blue matches your shoes 🙂

    I might look into getting one of these. I listen to my normal iPod, but I’m on a treadmill or elliptical. Still something smaller would be nice.

  4. Unrelated to this post, but I’ve noticed on this blog there’s a noticeable lag when I type (as I am doing now of course), and also when I scroll down the page. I don’t have any programs running right now and I haven’t seen this on other WP sites that have come from Vox.

  5. Amanda says:

    Andrew and I both have one of the first shuffles. I love it! I’d go for the blue one. For some reason the gold (at least in the photo) looks kind of orange-y.

  6. I have the second generation one in green…so far it seems OK, but we’ll see how it does as things go along. In answer to your question, I’d go for blue. 🙂

  7. Oooh — I like the new ones — I had never bought into the ones you couldn’t forward, but that one looks pretty cool. I’d get the gold or the silver, but the blue might be okay for the ladies.. 🙂

    PS — if it’s okay, can you send me your password for the protected post? My email stephen(dot)betz @ gmail(dot)com

  8. An update on this post, I did get the gold one, as they had only gold, pink or silver at the store. It is still going strong, no problems. I think my second generation was some sort of a knock off or something….as it came without warrenty.

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