Life’s Little Updates

Well, Not even sure enough is going on for an updates post but it’s been a while So….

Work is still work.  I am tooling away on night shift.  It is getting harder to do it.  This might be because I am increasing my running miles, or it might just be beacause it is getting harder.  I think over time I

get sleep deprived and then have to make it up.   Luckily, I am still only working 3  twelve hour nights.  so it’s not like I am up all night each night.  Many people do have it worse than I do.   I really am thinking getting back to Day shift will be nice, though I have heard the Day shift nurses are quite the pieces of work.   So we shall see what occurs.  I think in the next 2 weeks I’ll be able to switch.  There have been some new nurses on  Nights, orienting and doing well, so if they continue to do well my day time will be assured.

Running… is running.  Still uninjured!  I have completed 3 weeks of 8 mile runs.  I am now in a fake, “genetically engineered”  taper.  I ran 8 on Monday and will run my next week, but on Saturday.  So 12 days from the long run I will do another long run.  It’s the Miracle Miles 15K race here in Orlando Fl.  It is definitely the longest race I’ve run in a long time.  I am a lot nervous about it.  The other thing that makes me worried is that the course “Meanders through historic brick paved neighborhoods”  sounds lovely, right?  not if you are running on the brick paving…

It can be uneven and difficult to run on.  I am pretty sure thats why it is mentioned in the description of the race, so we are all forewarned.  My hope is the meandering will be kept to a minimum.  And that it isn’t a wet day.  We rarely have rain in the morning anyway.

I was trying to raise some money for the hospital, but I can not figure out how to access the fundraising page, and the main person never returned my email, so I suppose they do not want the money!

I have new Mizuno’s  which are the new version of my old Wave Riders.  I think they are not as nice as my Old ones.  I have run over 30 miles on them and am not entirely sold on them.  They seem to have less cushion in the forefoot.  But we’ll see.  I like Mizuno’s but I may switch up the “style” of them for the Marathon.  I’ll train through these wave riders though for at least 150 miles.

Teulu is doing well.  He ran with me on Sunday and has been pretty tired since.

My biggest issue this week has been a fight with my scale.  It seems to be malfunctioning, but I can never be sure.  Initially it started by weighing me at one number and then on the hour every hour, it seemed to add a pound!  (Yes, please do not ask why I was weighing each hour.) So I replaced the battery, which is usually the right thing to do when it does these things.  No dice, it is still all over the place.  Because I am owned by my scale this thing has got me disturbed.  I think I need a new scale, but I am concerned that perhaps the scale situation is what it is.  I just can not imagine how I could have gained 5 pounds in 5 hours.  (Unless the initial reading were wrong!!!)

Then again if the worst thing that has happened to me is my scale going nuts, that’s pretty good!!!

Today I am getting my Flu Shot!   I have not had one for 3 years.  3 years ago I got one and I got horribly ill with the flu, or a bad flu like illness.  4 yearsa go the same thing.  I have been told that most likely I was in the prodromal phase on an illness already.  Hmmm, twice in two years.  Unlikely.  Well.  Last year I was sick and sick and sick with a variety of flu like illnesses.  I have a lot of plans this year, so I am going to make the Brave attempt again.  I figure I have today off work and have already done my long run for the week, so if I get sick the only thing that happens is that I am unable to work… and

that won’t be that bad right…. It’s a one shot vaccination this year, trivalent…Swine flu and one type I think of Flu A and Flu B.  Check back here to see if I get very ill from the Vaccine.  I am so not wanting to do this, but considering how sick I was last year, and how much running I am trying to do…I think today is the best day, plus its the day the hospital offers it!


13 thoughts on “Life’s Little Updates

  1. Amanda says:

    How weird about your scale. Have you weighed yourself multiple days in a row? Does the scale go back down the next day but still add a pound every hour?

    I hope when you switch to days that you feel like you can get on more of a schedule and not feel so tired. I also hope that the people you’ll work with aren’t too bad!

    • The scale seems to have settled down, but I seem to have somehow gained 2 pounds back from the initial reading. I’m still down a pound but not the 3 that I wanted to be down…. I do think I may need to purchase a new scale.

  2. DoctorD says:

    I am very puzzled by the scale’s malfunction! It used to be that I weighed myself daily, and noticed what seemed to me inconsistencies. But I also figured oh well, perhaps the mechanism just isn’t that accurate.

    Don’t like the sound of running on bricks. I hope they are even enough for safety.

    • In general weight can vary day to day, and it is recommended that people don’t weight that often, but I weigh frequently when I am at home, it’s an annoying little quirk.

      I dont like the brick roads either, but it’s sort of the way that race is going to go…maybe it will only be for one mile or so.

  3. Hello..Good for you..15k is a long run..I heard some things about running and endorphins..someone was all worked up about that when everyone was jogging whether they wanted to or not..sounds as if your job and everything is working for you..good deal…nice photo on the kitty..that is how I feel after a hard, good day..just relax and zzzzz..Peace Tony

  4. Emmi says:

    Oh dang, still on the night shift? It’s a wonder you can exercise at all. Kudos for toughing it out. Running on brick – ouch. I ran once on pavement and the shin splints were unbearable. But I think I overdid it all in one day.

    So I thought you’d find this interesting – we were in New Balance store the other day. I despise their shoes, but J discovered they had this sort of CT scan machine that you stand on and it measured where the weight in your feet is distributed. I’m sure you already know, but it turns out my arch did not even register.

    Anyway, they gave me custom sneakers ($120 including inserts, not too bad) and running is great again. Not as great as my Montrails, but still much better than the Montrail Juras after 1400 miles (yeah, I had them for 7 years). Anyway, just thought I’d pass that along.

    Our digital scale is always all over the place, even after we replaced the battery.

    • WHy didn’t you get another pair of Montrails? I’m glad you have new shoes. New Balance made some pretty good shoes, I used to wear them for work a lot. I think I have seen one of those machines somewhere.
      I’m debating getting a new and different kind of cale, but its such a debate as to whats accurate. 🙂

      • Emmi says:

        True, and I prefer older more reliable scales, personally. The digital ones seem to croak instantly. I researched and tried on Montrails for weeks and found out they are no longer any good. Disappointing, I wonder if the company was sold. None of the pair I tried were comfortable at all. Quite shocking.

        I’m still searching for a second pair, Vasque has been recommended, I was hoping to try Merrells but have not had much luck there either.

      • I had a pair of Vasque hiking boots, they lasted Forever. forever. I would still be wearing them except my feet are now 2 sizes too large for them. Yes, I am sadly going to see the physician on Monday and discuss the entire scale….

  5. I hope you survived the flu shot – my company provides us with shots – I think it’s the second week I get back.

    LOL @ weighing every hour …. I’ve done similar things and am not even sure why. My scales were consistent in showing me as overweight though! 🙂

  6. Emmi says:

    Hmm, the reply button is missing.

    Thank you for the Vasque recommendation – great that they last forever. I’m very rough on my things. I shall try. Best wishes on the scale issue.

  7. Sounds like overall things are pretty good! My scale is also freaking out…but mine is old and cheap, so I _know_ I need to get a new one. But, I feel your pain in the meantime!

    I hate it when they take a good shoe and change it – whether it is dress shoes or running. If it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it! 🙂

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