Indialantic Beach Turtle Krawl 5K

So I did it.   I signed up and ran one more 5K.  I found I had the day off and I had been feeling a vague bit of boredom and dissatisfaction with “things” in general.  So what do I do, but sign up for a short race the distance of which I am not fond of.  Of course!

The race did not start off well…. The race really sold, and there were apparently over 500 participants, soooo, immediately they had run out of T shirts and race bags.  So, I was handed a plastic bag with a variety of paper adverts in it.  I don’t think I need to tell you that was a waste of plastic and paper.  I was told I could pick up my shirt later.  (I live about 1 hr 45 min away…so unless they mail it to me, I won’t be getting a shirt!)  Normally I might not care but this shirt was gorgeous!!!!

Thats an image from the back.  The draw of that tech t shirt was one of the reasons I ran the race, so…I was for some reason more peeved than I really should have been.

I eventually shook that off as really in the grand scheme of things it isn’t that critical.  I do after all, own clothing.

We all lined up, as always the race director gave a little speech with a megaphone that no one could hear because of the crowd noise.  People did manage to get all crowded in so they could run over the Dtag mats. Oddly again, a variety of walkers started out in the front.  Long bands of them, 4-8 across.  I started to jog and sort of manuver around them, and was surprised to see a variety of them look upset and offended when several rather fast guys and gals just simply shouted out “on your left/right” and hurdled past them at about 6-7 min mile paces.  I never really get why anyone walking a race would start up front in a running race, or walk right in the middle of the course rather than on the left or right side.  I mean I just don’t get it.  Since the race was timed with the Dtag, it didn’t matter where you started.  If you stepped on the mats your actual time was recorded, not the gun time.

Indialantic Beach is really a nice little town which is right on the Beach and as most coastal places in Florida, FLAT.  I did not use my ipod this time as the shuffle was broken and it seemed to me that some of my issues in the last few races had been related to me not hearing things due to the ipod!  I focused instead on the Garmin, and going through my normal run at home.  Every time I felt tired, I would think, “Well if you were running at home, you’d be having to go up a (little, big gnarly) hill here.”  That tended to help me along.  Even though we were right by the beach the course actually just went through a residential neighbourhood, away from the beach… So unfortunately during the race there were no really good beach views.  There was however a great sea breeze, sponsored I am sure by Igor.

And we had very enthusiastic volunteers.  One thing I loved is that the volunteers at the turns all wore enormous foam fingers!

and they used the fingers to point the way.  I tried to thank many of them, but I think I missed a few of them.  I noticed that I was the only one doing it at first, but that by the end some of the women behind me also had starting thanking the volunteers.  They deserve thanks.  To stand out on a street alone for 1 hour just watching people huff on by can not be too too exciting.  They remained enthusiastic to the end!

At the end there was Pizza and oranges as well as water and gatorade.  I partook int he oranges and water, but skipped the Pizza.  I still think the Pizza post race was Genius though!!!!  I did unfortunatly miss any awards presentations and such as I decided I was at the beach, I should go any enjoy it….by the time I got off the beach it was raining and everyone was packing up….

The beach was great!

There were several surfers taking advantages of the big swell caused by Igor.  I even went in up to my knees and found the waves to be powerful enough that they almost knocked me over.  As a plus, I spotted a juvenile Black Skimmer, a bird I had never personally seen before…

So. after that with the rain and all I went home to get ready for work tonight.

I had my best time of the summer, which is not speedy but was 37.02.  This I know is a pretty terrible 5K time, but I remain pleased with it because I started out in July with a 40 min 5K time which shamed me…so I’ve improved, either I have figured out how to run a race, or I have actually gotten faster, or a little bit of both…

That said, Kudos to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society of Brevard County.  They put on a nice race!!!


9 thoughts on “Indialantic Beach Turtle Krawl 5K

  1. Sounds like a great race — and I would TOTALLY want that shirt (though I wouldn’t drive almost 2h to get it, either). I might run more races if I knew there was going to be pizza at the end (bananas, oranges and clif bars just aren’t enough motivation).

    Gorgeous beach!

  2. Amanda says:

    I love that shirt. I hope that they mail you one. I’d think they would if they ran out. It’s not your fault that happened and you paid for a shirt as part of your race entrance.

    It’s too bad the course didn’t go near views of the ocean. Although I’d probably get sidetracked looking at the scenery.

    Was this the race with the bricks? If so were they that bad?

    Sounds like you had fun. And got a bonus of seeing a cool bird.

  3. The shirt is really nice! They definitely should mail it to you!

    Love your photos of the ocean. When I was growing up my family vacationed in Florida every year. As a teenager I loved taking long walks down the beach in the mornings.

  4. I wonder if you called and offered to send a post office priority mailing box to them, and tell them you want a shirt because it’s part of your entry fee, would they send the shirt to you? It may seem silly because it’s only a shirt, but if you really like it, you should be able to get it. If not, do the race officials have a way to refund you some of your entry fee? They took your money on good faith and didn’t follow through on their part of the ‘deal’. It’s lawyerly of me, but I’m a stickler for this type of thing. Just sayin…

    There have been only a few tee-shirts I’ve had in my life that I’ve really loved, but I’ve kept them for a really long time. You should be able to do that with this one, it looks really nice.

    • Well Carol, they will have the shirt for me, if I want to drive that way. I have gotten a little communication about them trying to send the shirt to me, so I think it will work out. In the end it was for charity. I think the part of me that got annoyed was the actual people at the race that were doing the reg were actually sort of rude and annoying about the whole thing. When I explained where I lived they just sort of looked at me like I had caused them a problem. Admittedly, they probably had no idea what to say. Some people are great people but don’t have very good people skills, and I would say the women giving out the race packets that day were a little low on people skills…

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