life’s very little updates

My big update is that WHoo Hoo, I will be heading to Day shift!!!!  Starting on September 30th I will not be doing the night owl thing.   I know I will miss the very nice night people, and also the odd and occasional night like last night where there was essentially no patients for 3 hours in the wee hours of the morning.  But I think the payoff is sleeping when my body was intended to sleep will overshadow some things.

FLU shot:  I had been feeling great up until today.  Well, yesterday I took a nap and wanted to stay asleep, but went to work and just felt tired through work.  today I awoke from my nap after work, and now I feel a little “odd”  it could be because I left the patio open and the AC off and it was 81 degrees in the apartment, or I could be developing the flu.  A/C is on and I am taking some cold medicine and will soon go back to sleep before work.  We will see.  Since I have that 15K race on Saturday this is a particularly bad time.

Speaking of 15K races…what a week.  I had to go to Orlando on Monday morning so I got up and ran at 4:30 am,  then nap and work…more work, then I have to go back to Orlando to get the race packet and also to get a new ipod shuffle…since the other one is defunct.  I really am finding it hard to cram it all in.  Looking forward to some regular training…of course there’s another race coming up which is a “dual challenge”  a 5 mile race followed by a 2  miler.  Perfect for the training plan that week….so I hope I have a day off for that!!!

Oh yes, I was able to exchange my ill fitting shoes for another half size up and they feel peachy.

Happy Tuesday All!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “life’s very little updates

  1. Emmi says:

    Glad to hear you are on a healthier schedule. Take care of yourself, my friend! You sure have a challenging month. Chicken soup, scientifically proven to help get rid of viruses, if I remember right. I think st johns wort also kills viruses and probiotics boost the immune system. Don’t quote me on that, though. Ask a nurse if it’s okay first. 😉

  2. Congrats on finally getting moved to days! And yay for good shoe stores willing to exchange shoes. I hope you were/are able to get all your errands done and are feeling better. I slept for almost two days straight last weekend…I still don’t know what that was about.

  3. Hello..Good for I recall that is what you wanted..’for those who wait’..sometimes that is the ticket..(as opposed to going out and getting it)..I remember flu shots..theat whole ‘flu thing’ is a bad scene that drops in about every 20 years or so to remind me who is boss..and with that..good luck on your new run..oh, the weather does weird dances..inside and in CA as well..could it be in the brain? Who knows..HO HO HOO..Peace Tony

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