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THis is just a short little post.  I  did finally manage to drive over to Orlando  the other day.   I picked up a New Ipod Shuffle!  I would have bought it at Wal-Mart but they only had the hot pink color and I really really didn’t want that.  The Apple Store only had Orange or Green, so my choice was made.  I got the Gold/Orange one.  It’s still charging.  One thing that seems unusual about this one is that it does not seem to want to let me rearrange the order of the songs.  It may also be that it just isn’t fully charged.  It is now ready-ish for tomorrows run.

Tomorrow I have the Miracle Miles 15K race.  So it’s about 9.3 or so miles.  I have been running rather poorly all week mostly due to my schedule and also some rather intense pain in my left hip.  I am hoping by taking a good long rest day today that the gams will feel much better on Saturday.  I’m going to try a new strategy for Saturday.  I’m going to use the carbohydrate gels before I actually need them…once at mile 3 and once again at mile 6.  I really do not think I need the 100 calories that much, but the caffeine in them is helpful.  We will see how is goes.  I’m pleased about one thing which is a wee bit petty….  The girl I work with who runs (and is better than I) is not running the race.  I don’t mind being beaten by her, but she can be a bit of a snob about the whole thing.

Ok Will update tomorrow…..


6 thoughts on “on Shuffles and racing and and

  1. I’ll be sending happy running vibes to you tomorrow!! And I don’t think that is petty at all…if she is going to be snobby about it that would really bug me too. So be nice to me in March when you beat me. 😉

    • THanks Anne!!! I am not very competitive with people I know so no worries. the idea is to have fun and have some fitness, I was a dork today and looked up some old 5K times, I was so shocked to see that in my grand old age, I have slowed down! Must lose a bit more pounds and work harder!!! (me that is!)

  2. Good that you got a new shuffle, new shiny stuff is always nice. Good luck on the 15K.

    I realize I’m hijacking your comments, but wanted to leave my comment here about you getting into making a quilt, I was afraid you wouldn’t see it otherwise.

    First, the thing is, look around for a decent basic sewing machine. Never pay full price, even if you buy new. All you need is a well-made machine that sews a straight stitch and a few others. IF you’re lucky, you may be able to find a machine that will stitch the 1/4″ seam (which is the hallmark of sewing quilts) and has a 1/4″ quilting foot, which you butt the fabric up against. This helps you to keep the seam straight. If you don’t sew the seam properly the whole quilt will be off, and with seams that are less than 1/4″ the quilt will come apart over time. If you don’t get a machine that has a 1/4″ foot, you then can mark the seam lines with pen on each piece of fabric. It’s time consuming, but worth it. I would look in the ads to see if you can find an old machine that someone wants to get rid of (such as estate sales). While there is no warranty on used machines, if you can actually get the person to run if for you and see how it works that would be a good alternative to buying new. If you buy new, make sure you look into the warranty.

    Then, for a good pair of sewing scissors, I recommend Gingher, but only because those the only kind I’ve ever used. You can find them at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and also on eBay. For you as a beginner, I would also buy what is called a ‘Rotary Cutter’. It has a round cutting blade with a handle. It is easier to cut fabric with this than with scissors. You might decide to not buy scissors and just buy a rotary cutter instead. Along with a rotary cutter, you will need a quilting ruler. There are hundreds of different rulers on the market for quilting. All you need is a ruler that measures 12″ long and maybe 6″ wide. You can get others if you decide to later.

    Fabric, well that’s a matter of what you want to spend. For quilts that get a lot of use, such as a child’s quilt, *I* spend a good sum of money on the fabric, because the better, more expensive quilting fabric is woven tighter and just stays together better. But I will admit that I just like the better quilting fabric, and I never buy anything but 100% cotton. It looks better, is more colorfast, washes better and even makes quilt construction easier. Some quilters have the opposite view–why spend money on a quilt that will dragged on the floor for years, spit up on, etc, let if fall apart. You will likely be shocked at the cost of the better fabric for quilts. I’ve found that it runs in the $6-9 a yard range. You can go to Jo-Anns and get fabric for $2.99 a yard and sometimes less during a sale. You may also be able to find fabric at yard sales, but in my experience, most of the fabric I’ve seen is junk, good enough for the trash bin.

    Once again, sorry I hijacked your comments. (Carol)

    • Carol thanks! I am a fan of good materials to start with, six to 9 seems about average, I have been looking at fabric for years! My Mom actually used to use bed sheets on occasion on the back of the things. I still have her quilts, and use them 15 years later. One did get ripped, but that was a Dog error! I didnt know about that cutting round thing… going to have to head off to Joann, and I still need of all things, A table!

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