Miracle Miles 15K

Well, I suppose a race report is in order.  I had a pretty awful race.

Miracle Miles is a race put on every year in our area for the local NICU at Winnie Palmer Hospital.  It involves a 5K, a 15K and a one mile “walk around Winnie”.  During this time they also host a NICU reunion and a lot of families bring out their kids who were once residents in the NICU.  It’s a big race.

I had a 9 mile long run for the week and so 15K fit the bill.  Plus, the thought of benefitting the hospital was nice as well.  I had not run in a race longer than 5K sine 2007 and in retrospect perhaps that was the problem…though I think the problem was just me.

For some crazy reason, the 5K, over in about 40 min…started 20 minutes before the 15K (Over in about 2-2.5 hours).  So we all stood around and waited to run over the Dtag mats and the balloon arch which was actually rather fun!  This race, due to size had divisions at the beginning, starting with 6 min mile, down to 10+ min mile and “walkers”  oddly, that did not stop some of the walkers from starting up in front of me…I was in the 10+ min milers.  People were very friendly at the start.  The division did help somewhat as the majority of the walkers were behind us and the very swift runners were definitely up where they should be.  There were people sprinting out of the start, but as is often the case, most of us plodding mules passed them, now walking, by mile 3.

I started out just fine for the first 2 miles.  At mile three I took a gel which was early for me.  I sort of choked on the water, so spent a good part of mile three coughing and spluttering along…after that I never really got my speed back to where it was supposed to be.  Admittedly it was hot and humid…but almost all my runs have been both hot and humid.  At about mile 4, my body suddenly realized that this was a long haul, not just a 5K and really became somewhat recalcitrant with me.  I was feeling like the music on my ipod was irritating….

How that could be seen as irritating I do not know, but it was.  The Brownies were out to hand out water and ick, blue poweraid.  they were very cute, most of them looked a little bit horrified as we ran by, given that it was so muggy everyone was spewing sweat all over the place, so I am sure we did not recruit any 6-7 yr olds to the running sport that day.

At some point those brick streets came into play.  They were actually quite difficult to run on, and walking on them was not much better.  These definitely slowed me down and contributed to some of my slower pace.  But to be honest I think over all there may have been a total of 0.75 mile of bricks.  they just came at very bad times in the race.  One almot mid race and one right at the very end…

At Mile 6 I did my second gel.  For some reason this gel worked better than the first probably because I had enough water with it.  I felt better and my pace increased some.  At that point for some reason my second toe on my right foot was having severe pain, like someone poking a hot needle under the toe nail.  It hurt less to run than walk, so I concentrated on running.  It never got much better, I actually finished and ripped that shoe off hoping to end the pain…

Well, the finish line did happen, whoo hooo, and I will admit, even though I was slow and at that point really unhappy, I was still glad to hear my name called out over the intercom and surprised at the rather big cheer I got (mostly from other people who had just finished as well).  Often my name is mispronounced or otherwise messed up.  This time the announcer had it and even announced the Gym I train at (though given my time, the NTC may well be embarrassed!!) it was sort of nice.

Since I finished so close to the end, all the yummy chick-fil-a parfaits were gone, and all the freebies were also gone- taken by the faster runners and families.  I got over that really fast as I was just glad for water, and to have that shoe off.

The rest of the day and on Sunday I could barely walk, which was horrible for the wonder dog.  Today I got up and went running for 2 miles, with the dog.  It wasn’t really pretty but…I was able to run.

Next week, I am to start my Marathon training.  I am hoping that the 15K is not some sort of doom for the training to come!  I think I may supplement with the elliptical.  I would like to lose 10-12 pounds and it is stubbornly staying there.

So that was my awful experience at the 15K.  I think Next year I may do it again, just to see if I can not beat my time!


9 thoughts on “Miracle Miles 15K

  1. Owie with the toe pain, but I think it is fantastic that you finished! 🙂 I find it so strange that certain pains are actually less bad while running than they are walking…I have a hard time wrapping my head around that. LOL

  2. Emmi says:

    With the cooler weather I’m just realizing how hard it was to run in the heat. You’re tough as nails to be running races in this damned heat. Keep up the good work.

    My performance has gone down too and I’m wondering why. I’m sure it’s just a temporary slump, here’s hoping for cooler days for the marathon.

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