Life updates

Wow, it’s been oh since September 29th since I had a Life’s little updates, but that one was not too long….

My Uncle died on the 29th.  I got an email from my Mother about it yesterday.  The visitation and funeral are on Sunday, which made it near impossible to go.  Deep down, I think my Mom held the news one extra day, she really wants to try to save my sister and I money and those quick flights are never really expensive. Had I had the extra day to plan I might have tried to make the trek to Indiana, more for my Grandmother and Aunt than my Uncle.  (Can I admit I was never really fond of him?)   Bereavement fares are now very difficult to get, you have to have a lot of different proofs from the funeral home etc.  So I sent flowers, feeling generous I also put my sister’s name on them, as I thought it would look odd if I sent a bouquet and she did not.  (She said she was planning on cards only and some candy for my Grandmother.) We really are not a close family.   My Uncle has been sick with cancer for several years, so this was not some sort of shocking surprise.  I do feel sad for my Aunt who is one of the most lovely people I have ever met, and for my Grandma who of course should not have to bury her own child.  I also feel a little for my Dad, who is older than my uncle and must be feeling a little sad and rattled.  But for my Uncle, I am so glad he is no longer in pain.

I finally started on Day shift yesterday.  I had a good day.  I think in a way they were afraid to give me patients.  Of course that can only last so long, so by the end of the day I had a fairly full load.  Still the nicer paced start to the day was pleasant.  And I did feel more normal to be working when “normal people”  are working.  The patients who arrive in the day are also of a different variety, less children, as they are in school, and less “toothaches”” as some of them are at work.  More elderly people and people with things that interfere with work, like kidney stones, ruptured things, and cardiac events.  I had a really good day, but the crew was mostly my friends.  We will see what happens on Saturday when the work crew shifts.  Eeek.

Running.  Well.  After my difficult race on Saturday, I had not done too much running as I was sore and tired.  Mostly I had run with the dog, which is a different sort of a challenge.  Today I finally decided to go and run 10  miles.  I made it 9.35, and I actually am OK with that.  Our weather has changed for the best!  the humidity is down to about 65% and the temps were good 75 to start with.  I was able to run 3 miles and a little more without stopping for a walking break.  Usually because of a very very large uphill that lasts for about a half a mile, I find at the end of mile two I want to walk.  Today I pushed myself, as I figure the only way to run better is to practice running longer and longer.  I found to my huge surprise that when one runs 5 miles in that direction, you end up in another town.  I thought I would end up near the other town or something, not in the middle of the town center, but suddenly I was jogging by the Police Station.  SO that was sort of neat, to run somewhere I would normally drive to!  My right foot is still giving me the problem it did during the Miracle Miles race.  I have found if I stop and really stretch the toes, it is ok for about half a mile and then the pain starts again.  I have an appointment with a Podiatrist on Monday and I hope he sorts it all out.  SO I am pleased with my running despite the foot pain.

I did finally get my insurance cards.  4 months after becoming insured.  I had the policy number and my member number, but no card.  A few places refused to see me if I was not in possession of the card.  Crazy.

I am pleased to say while I was feeling like I had a cold this week, I pretty much felt better in 3 days.  Not sure if it is flu shot related, but I think it is.  They say if you get the flu and have had the shot, the illness should be much shorter.  So I am pleased with this year’s decision to become immunized.

the only other news is that I have decided to get a  bit more serious again about my eating habits.  hopefully that will help me to lose a bit more weight  as I saw those race photos from last weekend and was offended by myself!!!

Have a happy Weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “Life updates

  1. Lol, you were offended by yourself. I know how you feel. I was at the beach last weekend and put my swimmers on for the first time this year and I felt exactly the same way.

  2. Yeah, the bereavement discount has pretty much gone by the way side. When we lost Samuel, Jordan and I had been scheduled to fly to Mississippi for a visit that weekend. Chris called the airline and managed to get them to trade our two round-trip tickets to a one way ticket from Mississippi to Houston, TX. I don’t remember who Chris talked to but I know it wasn’t the first person he had contact with. I am not sure if he had to ‘prove’ that Samuel had passed or if the person he was talking with believed he wasn’t lying.

    I look at pictures of myself and hate what I see all the time. I look like a big fat beached whale. I keep saying I am on a diet to change what I’m seeing—but it doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference.

    I hope you settle right in to the day shift. I imagine there is a completely different type of patient that goes in during the day versus the ones that show-up at night.

    • Trish just keep working at it. You have a lot going on, and I think it sounds like you are doing well, Chris has lost osme weight on his new diabetic lifestyle diet, and hopefully the weather will be changing so you can get out some more….

      I joined on which is a site for exercise, I log walking and running miles there and the support is great! If you join there, I am Holly T.

      I do have some guilt about missing out on this funeral, plus I have this odd feeling that my entire family is slipping away….not nice.

  3. Every time I read about you running with the dog I feel guilty…Moo sleeps next to the treadmill while I run! LOL My promise to myself and to Moo is that once I finish the C25K program we are going to take things to the streets and she will get to go with me (sometimes).

    I have been looking at places I can run long runs around here and discovered that I can run to Neil’s house which is in the next town! Such a strange thought. Of course, he is going to need to be there to drive me back to my house as that will be a one-way trip…someday.

    Sounds like things are going well! I hope the day crew over the weekend was OK to work with…I’ll be slow with posts this week due to being in Des Moines for our team meeting, but will catch up when I get home this coming weekend. 🙂

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