October life Updates breathing easy.

It feels like 100 years have passed since my last updates on the 1st of October!  So much going on.

My Uncle was memorialized oddly one day before my father’s birthday.  Apparently he had been sicker than he would allow anyone to know.  His wife is understandably saddened, but she apparently expressed a great deal of relief and joy that her husband was no longer in so much agony.  She is a very dignified lady who actually also engineered a surprise dinner out for my Dad with cake and candles.  My Dad, a man of the moment had completely forgotten he had a birthday.  He was very touched.

I went to the Podiatrist last week.  It turns out I have something called  Predislocation syndrome.  I did not think that this term was correct english.  Essentially I have pain in my second toe, but apparently it’s a fairly common thing in runners.  I do not have to stop running, amazingly.  The physician gave me some foot pads to “offload” pressure to another area, and I have been splinting the toe to a proper position.  He also gave me a prednisone pack which reduced the inflammation greatly.   I ran all week, and while I continue to have the toe pain when running it is much reduced and starts a lot later in the run.  Because of this, I feel pretty positive.  I’ll see the physician again on Tuesday and I hope he can give me more help to continue to heal up that area.

Day shift is moving along well.  I like most of the people, and I am finding that the physicians I used to work with at night actually have very different personalities (improved) during the day time.  My only irritation is that now consulting physicians and hospitalists come by to see their admitted patients.  These ladies and gentlemen are not exactly the most personable of people.   Otherwise I’m pleased with my decision.  I am training a few less miles in cross training but, I seem to be actually losing a few pounds now rather than being stalled so I am thinking it was a good choice.

I get to go to Rhode Island for Christmas!!!!  My sister’s home 

actually looks a lot like this in the winter.  It should be fun and nice to actually not spend the Holiday in the Emergency Department.  (I will be Thanksgiving and New Years in the ED but hey..).  I bought my tickets yesterday after a work friend agreed to work half my shift on Christmas Eve so I could get the last flight out of Orlando.   I am looking forward to seeing my family.  Not looking forward to all the hassles of air travel….

And the oddest most interesting thing to happen to me lately….

I took the Prednisone pack all week.  It always makes me jittery and energetic, but this time when I was running I noted some crazy things, like that I could suddenly run 5-8 miles with no walking breaks.  On my second run this week, I suddenly realized that I could actually breathe.  Wowee!  It was amazing the difference between my normal running with walk breaks where I cough and catch my breath.  I actually thought I was very out of shape.  It appears I have some form of exercise induced asthma, not out of shape-ness.  (I am still a little out of condition, but hey I can run 8 miles, so I have some “shape”).  I made an appointment with an Allergist/asthma physician for Tuesday and I hope there is something that can control my symptoms.  I enjoyed running and breathing so much better this week…it’s a bit hard for me to stop telling everyone about it…I never knew!  We will see what the doc says…

Teulu the wonder dog has me a tiny bit concerned.  He is a little off his feed.  He is still acting properly, but he’s leaving some food in his bowl, which he never does…so I am watching him carefully….It might be the change in the weather, it’s really gotten nice and breezy and pleasant here.

Ahhh October in Florida. I love it!




6 thoughts on “October life Updates breathing easy.

  1. Emmi says:

    What a nice Christmas that will be. Let me know if you stop by western Mass! I am glad to hear the jogging is better. I take fish oil capsules for my rare asthma attack but it helps me when I run each time as well. I’m relieved that the day shift staff are bearable and how great to have a semi-normal sleep routine now!

  2. Oh I am so glad you are going to get a break from the Emergency room for Christmas – it will be nice to have the time with family instead of sick strangers.

    Hope your toe gets better quickly – though it sounds as though there are some benefits to that fancy pack.

  3. Hey Wonder-dog….eat your dinner and quit making your mommy worry! 🙂 Hopefully it is just the weather change. I’d say as long as he’s acting normal/is active then it probably isn’t something to worry too much about.

    Great news about the toe! I am sorry it is hurting, but I am glad you can still run. And awesome about the breathing too! My fingers are crossed that they can come up with a long-term fix for the breathing thing.

    And I am also glad you are enjoying working days. That has to be a huge stress relief getting to sleep normal hours and be awake while it is actually daytime. Sounds like life is good…

  4. So glad to know you’re breathing clearly again. I often get bronchitis, so I know how it feels to not be able to breathe deeply.

    I’m sure your holiday time in Rhode Island will be great. I love that state, so pretty.
    My grandma was born in Providence and I went there once with her when I was a child to visit her family.

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