Life’s long updates!!!

It has been forever since I wrote anything.  I’ve been quite stressed out about running and apparently when it is off, I have nothing to say that doesnt sound icky.

Week one of Marathon training went well, Week two the week I stopped taking prednisone was a disaster!  I just could not run, was sleeping all the time and felt in general horrible.

I went to one Asthma and Allergy specialist and was very disappointed.  The physician was not very informed about the latest treatment of exercise Induced Asthma.  He gave me a pulmonary function test which was quite good, as I was not running at the time and gave me an Albuterol fast acting inhaler.  Then he proceeded to tell me he wanted to do the allergy scratch testing and get me started on allergy shots.  I let them do the scratch tests, probably because it’s so hard to think about what is going on during an appointment, but I am not going back.  When I realized I was seeing a true Quack is when they told me I did not need a Spacer with my albuterol.  A spacer helps with getting the right amount of medication for most inhalers.

I tried to use the albuterol.  It totally did nothing for me except raise up my heart rate and make me irritable.  Since I was told not to use a spacer, I do wonder if I just wasn’t getting all the dose.  I did keep running little bits here and there, interspersed with a lot of frustration and sleep.

After this I spoke to a Respiratory therapist at the Hospital.  While not a physician , he was very up to date and described about 5 medications that would help.  he also verified that my pulmonary function test would be normal when I was not exercising.

With that, I went to meet my new Primary Care Physician.  I simply told her I wanted to be on Singulair.  She initially wanted to give me another inhaler, but I just persisted.  THank goodness I did because NOW, I can indeed breathe!   Just 2 days after starting on it, I was able to go out and run today.  My breathing is no longer a hindrance and I am able to run for much longer periods of time with no coughing and gasping.  My bigger problem now is that my legs get tired, and I sometimes feel a little bit bored.  I think I must have spent an awful lot of time trying to breathe before this.  My toe still is a problem, but I just ignore it as best I can.

So we are now on to week 4.  Starting on Monday.  I think I am past a lot of problems, but we will see on “Long run Monday”

Work has been insane lately.

Of course it’s a full moon and close to Halloween so people are crazy.  I have had a rash of difficult patients whom I do not adore.  Since my running has not been going well, and I have the Marathon with friends plan,  there was a niggling of worry always in the back of my mind.  So I felt very short with some of these people, especially parents who let their children run their lives.  I mean, if you are 4 years old, you can be irritable and childish, but you really can not be in charge of your life, yet despite this parents seem to just let their children decide their treatment, which of course rarely works well.

Day shift is working out well, despite this, and I think this was just a jag in my schedule as well because I had a week that seemed to not be scheduled by me….

I’ve read some very interesting books lately, so I will be doing some reviews soon.  and I will be catching up on the photo blog also, I find that a weekly photo is almost too much for me, it becomes a bit unenjoyable, so I will be catching up there as I can!

Teulu is still not eating super well, but he will eat up Iam’s canned.  So, I think he is being a wee bit picky. Energy still very high.   So I am off to take him out now!


8 thoughts on “Life’s long updates!!!

    • Admitted, probably not. We do usually see a slight upswing in patients who are treated and released from the Emergency Department. Actual Sick people stay the same, the crazy maybe not really that sick people increase.

  1. I was just wondering yesterday what’s been happening with you. What a let down about the asthma doctor, but glad you were able to find someone that new what was going on.

    Hope the running (and life in general) goes better this week. Good luck during the Halloween/full moon!

  2. For Mr Teulu…have you tried a little bit of low sodium (no sodium if you can find it) broth on his dry food? It tends to be less expensive overall than canned food. Sadie goes through phases of being uber picky about her food and that is one option we’ve found that works. Just a tiny bit to dampen the food. Heck, sometimes just a little warm water works! Maybe. LOL

    Sorry to hear about the quack. I keep wanting to go see an actual allergist, but I hear so many stories about them and how terrible they are that I never go. Glad that you got to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about and were able to convince your PCP to get you on the Singulair! Thinking of you today and your long run…I hope it goes well!

    P.S. I have yet to get any photos done for the weekly thing…I have gotten SO bad about picking up my camera again. You definitely aren’t alone!

    • I used to put warm water on his dry food, I wonder if he would like chicken stock. I dont actually mind feeding him canned, but it is not so good for dog’s teeth, is what I have heard….

  3. Ugh for having exercise induced asthma. There are times that I feel I may have that, too as I can not climb a regular set of stairs w/o ending up absolutely gasping for air—and thinking I am just *that* out of shape. I suppose I should ask my regular doctor to test me or something….all he’d have to do is ask me to walk down to the street and back up the hill and I would surely present some kind of asthmatic breathing.

    I hope Teulu gets back to his normal feisty self. It is disconcerting when our usually active and exuberant critters slow down and show signs of aging or just being unhappy.

    Enjoy your Halloween and full moon…I’m just sad that our subdivision has decided to ‘do’ trick-or-treating on Saturday. Saturday we won’t be home as we are going to our first ever showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  4. I have some exercise induced asthma too. It is especially problematic in the cold dry air of winter in South Dakota. I guess I could stay inside like everyone else, but why would I want to do that?

    It was Singulair that really seemed to do the trick for me also, though I still use my Advair faithfully. Albuterol, as you know, is a rescue inhaler, to be used when coughing and feeling tight.

    Good luck and breathe (and run) well.

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