Run a little, Run a Little….

Run some more….Comes from one of the Marine Corps Cadences I was using to run to over the past couple of weeks.  After my Race in late September, I quit using the ipod, but occasionally I still hear the cadences in my head.

I survived my 11 mile long run.  I did it on Monday.   It took forever.  Part of my problem was that I got a little bit “Lost”  the trail I run on goes through a town and sort of “disappears”.  I had to stop and wait at a bunch of cross walks and such for traffic.  Not so nice, but still it got done.  I have a bit of a better idea now about how to do a longer run on the trail, and I think I will also take the dog out to that area and try to figure out where the trail actually IS, and where it veers away from town.

The other part of my problem is that I am just slower than I used to be.  Fatter.  and Slower.  but I guess I care less.   I also have this fantasy in my head that over the next 2-3 months my speed will increase.  Either way I seem to be looking in the eyes of a 5 hour marathon, which sort of grosses me out. I did unfortunately get a new black toenail.  This is so odd as I never ever had issues with them before.  I think some of it is my attempt to trim my nails closer and closer.  I should be upset, but the two black ones in question were ones that had already grown in funny, so if they never come back I won’t lose any sleep over it.

Today I thought I would do 6 miles, but found I was still feeling tired from the  11.  So I did one of the 3’s that was also planned.  I wanted to do the 6 so I could relax for the rest of the week, but in retrospect, the 3 was more appropriate.  I will do the 6 on Friday.  Friday is also a cool front, soooo, this will be more fun.  Today was hot and muggy.

I finally picked up a bag of Iams regular food for dogs.   Teulu had been eating the weight control.  He ate all of the regular food, so, I guess either there is something in that particular bag of food that is off, or he got irritated by his high fiber diet?  We’ll  see what happens.  I was just pleased to see him eating again.  And since he has lost some weight he can easily eat the fattier diet for a short while.

And suddenly…October is almost over….

Time for shopping.  I did manage to get my Sister taken care of.  My nephews are difficult.  I keep wanting this or that and my mother gets me alarmed that they may be “too old” for this or that, but each year they are never too old for anything, I think she just worries.  My Dad also is taken care of just need to order it.

Why is it that I tend to put things off so much!!!!


3 thoughts on “Run a little, Run a Little….

  1. I think animals are like people…they never like the diet food. LOL I am glad he is eating well again. Maybe in March the 1/2 marathon fairy will come and sprinkle speed dust on all of us and we will be faster than we’ve ever been before! (Or else we’ll just be glittery and shiny when we cross the finish line…)

    I’m still in awe that you ran 11 miles. That is awesome!

  2. Get your running shoes 1/2 to 1 size larger so the toenail damage is minimize or eliminated. As you run feet swell add that to loose laces and you can blacken all your toes. Good on ya for getting out there. Make it a regular habit and you will see a return of your conditioning. Cheers!

    • I just got my shoes one more size bigger. Mizuno changed the model of the shoe I use and it seems to be a bit more different than I expected… I guess I need to maybe go back to the Nike Triax, they are so soft though it’s sort of like running in slippers. As I am running longer, I think I will go up one more half size. I can not believe my plan has me going up to 14 miles in just a few weeks! Longest I have ever run is 13.1….

      I am slowly getting there, consistency along with the diagnosis of exercise induced asthma has helped my miles get back up, now if I could gain some speed, it would be great.

      Good to see you! I love your photos of the Blue Hole!

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