More Updates….

So lets see.

Running.  I have had a good week running.  I need one more simple 3 miler to get all my miles in for the training plan.  Today’s run was one of those oddities.  I didn’t want to do it, but when I did do it, it was fine.  I was actually  very pleased with it.

I’ve been really really tired this week though after my 11 mile run.  So I am going to try to start to use something called Recoverite by Hammer Nutrition.  It’s apparently got some special malodextrin long chain sugars in it that help with muscle recovery.  I hope it helps.

We are heading into the Snowbird season here in Florida.  Florida needs the snowbirds.  They spend a lot of money 

here.  This is a huge boost to the economy here.  Unfortunately some of these snowbirds are really not healthy enough to travel.  They come here and clog up the hospital, especially because many do not establish care with a local physician.  Thus they arrive with complex medical problems, no local physician.  So, our peaceful little hospital is starting to show signs of strain already.  We are holding admitted patients in the Emergency Department.  Sounds nice, but each patient we hold decreases our ability to respond to the needs of the community.  Plus, we are not very good at duplicating the floor schedule.  So, For the next 4-5 months we will be working on the holds situation.  There are several contingency plans for this but somehow they never seem to work out like they do on paper.  Despite this, I do still pretty much like my job.  Being tired from running probably is not helping my personality though, so I am making a bit more of an effort to nap and try to get more rest so I can be more pleasant at work.

Teulu the Wonder dog is still off and on with his eating.  But he is still energetic and happy, so…I think I will rid myself of that bag of food and continue to monitor him.

The NBA season has started!!!!  I am excited about the Magic.  They are in top form and having picked up Chris Duhon this year (another former Duke Player) I think they are starting to have some really great depth to the team.  The first match up last night against the Washington Wizards was not really a challenge, so we will see how the season goes.  One of the Monitor Technicians and I are planning on going to a game to see the new Arena… (click on the link for a virtual tour).  The tickets are surprisingly affordable, so it should be fun.  Not sure if the tech  thinks this is a date or not, not sure I can handle any more dating, not sure I can’t. So I hope to sort that out!  Anyway, i am looking forward to seeing the Magic play the Heat and the Celtics!

Still reading.  Will get out a book review of a new book I finally just finished.

And Bonus, i have figured out what to get everyone for the Holidays, except my brother in law…….


One thought on “More Updates….

  1. Emmy says:

    Glad your Teulu is doing okay. And wow, pushing yourself with the running! It’s a constant battle, I guess. Good you’re looking into nutrition – I take Blood Builder (beet and food based), that helps me a bit.

    Snowbirds….chuckle. Why am I not surprised they are unprepared when they get there.

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