People to admire

These days they seem fairly rare.

So this news story really made me smile today!

It seems that Allen and Violet Large or Lower Truro, Nova Scotia won the lottery in July this year.  The Large’s won Large, 10.9 million dollars.

After putting 2 percent of the winning in the bank for emergencies, and also helping out their family….they looked around and decided to donate the rest of the money….

You really have to admire this.  It seems logical, but, as the TV Show, The Lottery Changed my Life shows, most people don’t do this.

So yes, I really felt good when I heard about this, perhaps there is some hope for civilization after all…



3 thoughts on “People to admire

  1. I saw that story this morning and it made me smile! I admit, I would pay off all my debt first, but with almost $11 million that wouldn’t even make a dent in it. 🙂

  2. Emmy says:

    What a great story. Can you imagine if all people did this? Although I read recently that low-income people tend to donate more of their paycheck. Maybe because they’ve been there?

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