Updates Updates….

Warning, I think these updates will be long, mostly focusing on running and health…but I do love your comments, so…please read me!

This week in running was an odd one.   I am super pleased because I did get pretty much all of the miles called for the in Marathon Training plan.  I am not pleased at how they all went.

My 12 mile run was a total disaster.  I have never been so frustrated with anything in quite a while.  I did well up until about the 6th mile, and then it just became a bit harder than expected.  This is going to sound a little silly, but I fully believe that part of my problem was a lack of appropriate planning.

1stly, I experimented with using only one GU, rather than the two I would normally use for a run of about this length.  I can’t believe the lack of 100 calories was responsible for the whole breakdown, but…I wonder if I couldn’t have used the second minor little caffeine boost that they have.  So I learned from that experiment,  2 GU for anything in the half marathon arena.

2ndly:  I have an issue with the West Orange Trail.  It runs for about 24 miles, so in theory it would be perfect for long runs.  It runs through some towns and in Winter Garden, a lovely town I simply have been unable to figure out where the heck it goes.  So I always end up turning around there (about mile 4.5ish) and going back.  My plan was to overshoot on to another trail, the South Lake Trail-North Hancock Extension.  and then come on back to my car.   So the deal was that the first 4 miles were at a great pace, then mile 5 got all weird because I stopped for water and Gu.  On the way back I realized that I really didn’t have the distance I expected to at that point, so I tooled around one of the lakes and started to feel confused. I like to know where I am going.  I finished on the Hancock trail and discovered there is an ENORMOUS hill just about 1.5 miles into the extension.  It is sharp and steep and miserable.  SO I finished that…up and then down…and then ran back to the start point and still had to overshoot some more to get the needed miles. So I slowed down, my pace was terrible.

this week is a cut back week, I only have to do 9 miles as a long.  I have planned it to be at a 15K race, so at least I will have something else to look at.

My other runs this week were interesting as well.

In laziness, I decided to go back to running from the gym, out and back so there was no extra driving about.  I had forgotten how bad the hills are in that route.  Wha hooey, it slowed me down.

The West Orange Trail has some hills, but they are really really gentle.  The Hills around the Hospital and the training center are more extreme.  So I am seeing my speed increase by about 10-20 seconds a mile.  SO I have decided I need to keep training on the hills and will use that route for my shorter runs.

For longer runs, I am going to have to plan something out, I do like to know where I am headed and I don’t want to go through that confusion again.

SO yay for all miles done, and boo hiss on the long run.  I am hoping the next one which will be 14, will be a little better.

I had my cholesterol rechecked.  I was so certain it had dropped.  Well, apparently the commercials can be right.  Even with all my running, swimming and Salmon eating…my cholesterol oddly went up.  My triglicerides which were already excellent, dropped even more…but my healthy cholesterol dropped, and my unhealthy cholesterol rose.  So I see my doctor next week, looks like medication is in my future.  I spoke with one of the Cardiologists about it, and he said I definitely needed something.  He expressed concern about the myalgias caused by the cholesterol lowering medications and my running plans.  So…I am going to see how this goes.  SIGH. I feel old…Medicine for breathing, medicine for cholesterol.  Well.  At least my Blood Pressure seems to now be under control.

Dating:  A few of the men I work with seem to be expressing interest in me.  They are nice, but I am really unsure.  Firstly, they are people I work with, so if it does not go swimmingly, well, there is always that awkward moment.  ANd people at work, love to talk.

Secondly, I think I have gotten so used to being single, and I am not sure I can deal with not being that way, so….

I am going this year to a Magic game, with someone sometime, and I am excited.  I gotta admit though, they started out playing pretty badly against the NJ Nets, so….hopefully the team will gel together a bit better and be playing better too…

OK, I think I could have written more but that should be enough to deal with right now.

So, what do you think?  Have you dated anyone form work?  How did that go?




14 thoughts on “Updates Updates….

  1. When I was in grad school, we all dated other grad students because we were working all the time and other grad students were the only ones we ran into. In companies though, it’s pretty tough. I’ve done it, but it never ends well — for the reasons you mention. I think if your work-site is big enough that it’d be okay to date someone that worked in some far-off, rarely-interacted-with department, but the scrutiny is tough in a smaller workplace.

  2. Miranda says:

    Sorry to hear about your cholesterol. I hope the doctors get it under control!

    I’ve never dated anyone that I’ve worked with. My husband was actually my first “date.” I guess I was too picky or just not really interested until I met him. I agree with the previous responder though and think it might be okay depending on the size of your company. If it’s someone you have to see EVERYDAY…probably a bad idea. If it’s someone you can avoid if things turn ridiculous…..it might be okay.

    What kind of GU do you use for your runs?

    • The Cholesterol over all is only about 30 points high, but it just is sooo frustrating to do all the right things and find out it only got worse…

      I usually use the vanilla Gu as it has a little caffeine in it. Sometimes for Races I get the stuff called “Expresso Love” tastes just like coffee (yummers) and has 2X the Caffeine.
      I am going to start trying some other things. I have to be a bit careful as I am allergic to bananas and they seem to put them in a lot of stuff!
      Do you have a favorite running Gu?

      • I’ve never tried Gu so I don’t have a favorite. I haven’t done any runs that are long enough to need re-fueling yet. Just thought I’d ask since I might need to try it at some point while training for the half!

  3. I used to work for the owners of a gym and when I started I was told that we were not allowed to go out with members (if it ends badly they lose membership $$). That’s where I met the manservant, I changed jobs, then moved countries and married him!

    I have my yearly medical at the end of the month – on the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend! It’s going to be really hard to have a good cholesterol reading after a w/end of pigging out!

  4. Co-worker: Met him when I fainted and he caught me. Talked a LOT while at work. But I was ‘safe’ because I was married and not looking to leave or have an affair. He left to finish college. My life went on. My marriage deteriorated and I left one weekend knowing I was done with him. That Wednesday guess who walked into the store. Yup, I married him seven months later. We’ve been married for 18+ years.

    Cholesterol: ugh. I’m fighting to keep mine under control. My triglycerides are off the charts…I’m hoping that no longer drinking soda will help bring that number down. My good is good…and my bad is a little on the high side. If I’d exercise and lose some weight I’d most likely get the number under control.

    Running: No comment as I can’t even run 100 yards w/o gasping for air.

    Hope you have a great November!!

  5. Emmy says:

    I’m pretty uneducated on training for races but it sounds like you’re pushing yourself really hard. I know I prefer loop runs because I am forced to finish no matter how I feel, and no getting lost, which I’ve done before, LOL. I admire your discipline. I also feel my age has slowed me down – I’m no college kid any more. But I am in better shape than when I was a smoker / drinker, that’s for sure.

    Keep it up, I think you don’t give yourself enough credit!

    I never dated anyone I worked with but I dated someone in the college music program and those guys were a bunch of kniving gossipers. It was very hard to feel like I was not being scrutinized. I’ve also fallen in love with 2 coworkers – that was emotionally very hard. Although I did look forward to coming into work more than I would have normally! 😉

  6. Long, long ago, I dated someone at work, but in a different department. It didn’t end well and it was a bit weird.

    Eventually, I married someone that had worked at the same company, but we didn’t date until he was working somewhere else. I became friends with some of his work friends and that is how we met.

  7. OK… not knowing all of your data, medical history and so on, I cannot comment specifically on your cholesterol and/or whether you should be on medication. However, I hear so many of my patients being told incorrect information and misconceptions being repeated about lipids so often, I need to speak up here.

    Speaking in general, many people who become more physically active will notice some interesting things happen to their lipid profiles. Triglycerides can go down, moreso if weight is lost in addition to exercising. Remember fatty acids are fuel for endurance activity, not only glucose. Exercise upregulates the activity of an enzyme lipoprotien lipase, allowing your body to better utilize triglycerides. When this happens, the activity of another enzyme CETP is decreased, which means that more cholesterol is left in other lipid particles, such as LDL.

    This is why many can see a transient slight increase in LDL cholesterol with increased physical activity. However, the number of LDL particles stays the same, only the size of them gets larger. These large LDL particles are thought to be less atherogenic than small dense LDL we often see in people who are overweight, insulin resistant and/or who have type 2 diabetes. Thus, the slight increase in LDL with increased physical activity may not be as bad a thing as many might suggest.

    Although you want HDL to be higher than lower, sometimes if your total cholesterol decreases, so too will your HDL cholesterol. If there is less total, then there will be less cholesterol available to be carried in all other lipid particles, including HDL- does that make sense? A slight decrease might reflect a normal response to other changes in physiology, not necessarily as bad as it sounds.

    Whether you should be on medication or not depends on many things. As a young physically active female, your near term risk of a CV event is low. However, especially if there are risk factors (severely high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, and/or family history of premature CV disease, etc), your risk could increase significantly with time. It is better to be proactive and prevent disease instead of waiting until it declares itself and trying to address it when it is too late. When medication should be initiated in a young otherwise healthy person with moderately elevated cholesterol, however, remains the subject of debate… I could go into this much more but will stop here.

    Finally, in regards to cardiologists being cholesterol “experts” most of them are not, especially those in private practice. They are too busy doing lucrative procedures to spend time thinking of lipid metabolism and physiology. Most cardiologists are experts in treating the complications of untreated high cholesterol and other risk factors, not in managing the underlying dysmetabolism.

    An analogy would be asking your plumber about the quality and purity of your water. Wouldn’t it make more sense to get your water tested and then ask a water quality expert what it means? Plumbers are necessary, such as when your pipes are plugged or need replaced, but plumbers are not always the most informed experts about what is running within the pipes.

    To be sure, there are many cardiologists who are exceptional lipidologists. When a cardiologist “gets” lipid disorders, they are great at it. However, these cardiologists are the exception. They have become experts because they have taken an interest and learned on their own- not because of anything unique or special in their cardiology training.

    Anyway, sorry for this long discourse, lipid disorders are what I do for a living so I just couldn’t keep quiet. I often contemplate the effects of exercise upon lipids when I am running long … yes, I admit it, I am a lipid nerd.

    If you want to get a second opinion from a lipid expert about whether you should be on medication and if so what, I advise getting the input of a board certified lipidologist: http://www.learnyourlipids.com/resources.php

    • Thank you!!!! I always appreciate your insight. I think you are probably correct about the Cardiologists, especially in my area. Living in a rural area is nice, but the physicians are not always the most motivated to keep up on the most up to date things…. I did appreciate his thinking of my running goals and the side effects of the meds though.
      I wonder if my insurance would cover the lipidologist…. hmmm.wonder if they did not how much it might cost.

  8. Allow yourself to have a bad running day. Sometimes 12 miles falls quickly other days it can feel like a death march. I would not go without fuel for that far unless you’ve already eaten before your run or have conditioned your body to go 12miles/2 hours with only one gu. You are shortchanging your training goals. If you don’t feel like doing 12 you could split it into 6 in the morning and 6 later in the day. Good luck!

    • THanks Haliku!

      The 12 was definitely a bad running day, but I think with a little planning, the 14 will be much much better. I had already eaten prior to running, but I still think that one gu was probably not quite enough…the best thing I can say for the run is that I don’t know that I will ever have another quite as horrid!

  9. Hang in there! I am still just so impressed that you ran 12 miles and have 14 coming up! 🙂 My days with hills are coming soon…my neighborhood, where I will be doing most of my “road” training is very, very hilly. I figure it’s good for me, right? And I think my long runs will be one-way affairs to Neil’s house where he can then drive my worn-out body home. I get paid Friday and will be registering for our 1/2 this coming weekend.

    As far as dating at work…I did once and it just ended awkwardly to say the least. He started seeing another gal we worked with and well, anyway. It was a small company and hard to get away from the gossip. Of course, I’ve also had friends who met and dated through work who are now married, so there is no saying that it can’t work. However, I am also much like you in that, even though I have a boyfriend, I think about what it would be like if he ever moved in (or I moved in with him) and I shudder! I definitely need my space (or a very neat boyfriend which I currently don’t have LOL).

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