Life’s little updates….

So busy and yet not too busy all at the same time.

Work has been crazy lately.  The Florida Snowbirds are back in almost full force.  And the Nursing students are also out in full force.  I am not a real big fan of either.  But I try to love both as one set it the future, and the other set is paying my paycheck.  I would like to have a Vacation Vacation where I actually use Paid Time Off.  We work only 3 days weekly so we often will do something like work sun-mon-tues and then have the next 8 days off and work the last three days of the week.  I actually just want a vacation though.

THe Orlando Magic have played some of the worst basketball I have seen in a while….They Lost to the  Toronto Raptors.  Nothing wrong with Toronto, but the Raptors are not really a “sleeper team” that is about to emerge, they just aren’t a good team.  They are 3-9  this season.  The Magic sort of “phoned it in” on that game while the Raptors obviously had the game of the year…. Then they Lost again and finally started to show some solidarity and team playing to pull out a win.   They came very close to losing again against the NJ Nets, a team they had trounced earlier this year.  What’s up with them?  There is some lack of communication between some of the players, and I think they really took it easy for a few games thinking no one could beat them.  This has now been proven wrong.  I don’t forsee a championship season if the Magic continue to have so many turnovers and problems with fouling.

My Doctor did put me on Cholesterol lowering medication… It’s crazy!  I feel soooo old.  I am taking Welchol, which is an odd medication, one has to take 6 large pills daily.  Luckily I find I tolerate them better than I thought I would.  So I am now taking it, and hoping it tames the lipids.

Running.   I’ve had an OK week.  I worked the first two days, so Wednesday I went out to run 14.  I ended up running 7.  The 7 was fine as there is a 7 on my plan for the week, as well as 2 4’s and a 14.  Today I got all excited and pumped to run the 14. After running 7 I found it difficult, so I bumped back to 4, which was a tough run, but a good one.  I wanted to do the 14 so it would not be hanging over my head so much…it’s still hanging over my head…ahhh well.  After a day of rest- ie A working day- I should be better prepared.

Teulu….has had some issues this week.  I fed him a Pedigree Jumbone.  He has explosive Diarrhea for 2 days straight.  So he has been bathed, the tile floor has been mopped, the carpet has started to be shampooed.  And he has had most of the back of his “feathers” chopped unceremoniously off.  There was so much of the liquid poo embedded in all that fur that I decided when bathing him, to cut it off.  I am no groomer, so it isn’t exactly even on either side.  He looks a bit silly, but he is clean!!!  He stopped the explosions last night, but then vomited this morning…soooo…..I’m still watching him carefully.  He is otherwise cheerful, so…I am assuming that I shall never again give  a Jum-Bone to him!

SO that is it.  Mostly I am worried now about the 14.  I have never run 14 in a row.  I can not wait to get it over with….

and those are my updates….


10 thoughts on “Life’s little updates….

  1. Please keep us posted on how the 14 goes. I have a 6K on tap for December and have to start a training routine (any suggestions?). Sorry to hear about your dog! Our little one has a sensitive tummy, too.

    • It sort of depends on how you are as a person. I am not a detailed person, I like the big picture, so I use Hal Higdon plans, very generalized. The Runner’s World Plans on the other hand are really detailed… etc.
      6K sounds like a fun distance….

  2. Rember it is time on your feet for the 14. If you have to walk its fine. If it takes you longer than you wanted that is ok. Just do the miles and check it off the list. Don’t think you need to run it at race pace. Cheers!

    • Haliku,

      You have no idea how many times I said that “It’s jus time on your feet” today. I got all 14 in , some walking, no problem. Much better long run than the 12. though my pace was about a 13:30 mile in the end. I am still really pleased it is completed. and that advice was the tops.

  3. Good luck with the 14. I’m sure you can do it!! But I can also see how intimidating it might be! Pretend you’re doing two sevens in a row. 🙂

    Do you think you’ll get to take some vacation time and actually go on a vacation somewhere anytime soon?

    I’m not sure if you saw the password protected post at my blog (if you need the password again let me know and I’ll send it to you) but if you’re interested in being added to my private blog (explanation in the protected post) let me know.

    • I might Amanda. I do have a race coming up and as a treat, I booked a really nice room at a swanky hotel…the rates on the west coast of Florida are very low right now. I got a 3.5 star place for 50 a night or so… So I plan on snorkleing and shelling and such. but I have that jury duty issue so I have to cut it a little short. I did get an extra day off though so I think I will just go early.

  4. I envy you that you are a runner. I couldn’t imagine running 14 miles, much less a half mile. Anyway, good luck on the run. Hope that Teulu feels better soon. A vet visit necessary?

    I can imagine that you dislike the snowbirds. My folks were snowbirds for many years until they retired in Florida. When I visited them, they’d complain about how the snowbirds drive too slowly on the roads, and pack all the restaurants, necessitating long waits for tables. My folks were much happier after Easter, when the snowbirds left to go home. But I guess they do help the economy.

    • If Teulu wasn’t acting so darn happy, I think I’d be off to the vet, but He seems to be alright. (Before I was became a RN, I worked as a Veterinary tech, so I try to not get too alarmed). He does have a very sensitive stomach, so I wonder what on earth I was thinking.
      SNowbirds… I dont mind them except for when they come to the hospital…Some of them come down to Florida when thier health is not really ready for a big trip….

  5. Good luck with the cholesterol medication. I hope it has the desired effect!

    Fourteen miles! You’re a machine lady! Best of luck with your next attempt!

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