14 miles


Wow.  I have never in my life run longer than 13.1  SO I thought a blogging post was in order.

I really struggled with the idea of this distance for the entire week.  the advice I got here from Hailku was the best and while getting ready to do the run I continued to remind myself that it was just “time on my feet”  

Still, my left hip has been hurting quite a bit, and in general my quads weren’t feeling that great, so I was not really excited about doing this run.

I do not like doing Long runs on Saturdays.  Everyone in the neighborhood is out there doing long runs.  So it is suddenly not very peaceful, but just sort of crowded out on the trail.  On the plus side the peer pressure of seeing runners coming behind me and the direction opposite me kept me running at some moments when I would have preferred to take a walk break.

Mile one was fairly “regular”  Mile two contains one of my most hated inclines in the entire run.  It is only about 0.40 miles long, and the incline, I believe, is gentle.  For some reason it kills me each time.  Today however, there were runners behind me discussing some sort of work issue very loudly.  So I knew they were there and eventually would overtake me.  So I kept going up that hill and beyond.  After that mile 3 is always easier though it also ends on a more steep incline.

Mile 4 took me to the longest uphill section of the run.  I took a walk break, and then suddenly a huge group of runners (I think Team in Training group) were coming at me from the opposite direction.  So my pride being the way it was, I just had to keep jogging along.  I finally hit Winter Garden, and found my water bottle that I had planted on Wednesday in anticipation of that day being the 14.  I had the water and one vanilla GU

There was a 5K race in Winter Garden today and of course there was some sort of West Orange trail detour.  I sort of milled about trying to figure out the detour and then decided that I could just run through the booths that were setting up.  Luckily the finish was not right on that route!  I ran through the area, and was surrounded by runners with numbers on…..

Finally today I figured out where the trail goes!!!!  the Winter garden Station is really nice from what I could see.  Right about now I got a little bored with running, and it was only mile 6…. Sooooo, I took out  my ipod and enjoyed some tunes.  Mostly I listened to the Grateful Dead’s Terrapin station.

Not exactly a Running type album, btu it was very distracting.  plus I had not heard it in a long long time.  When the album finished I was suddenly jolted into mile 7-8 by A young Michael Jackson’s ABC.  yikes.

I turned around and continued to run.  this part of the run was alright,  it is mostly downhill at a nice friendly incline…  then after I hit somewhere at 11.3 things started to just sort of feel bad.

I had no idea of my actual pace over time, but I seemed to be doing alright.  Mile 7 was faster than my last mile 7 despite my confusion in W.G.  I started to do a run walk thing…This area, since it has been part of my long runs for a long time now, is familiar to me.  So I could plan to the hills and such.

I saw a lot of people out now as it was late morning.  Many were couples taking pleasure bike rides…I looked at them, and they looked relaxed.  I started to wonder exactly why I was running for that amount of time…and what was wrong with my mind….

At mile 11.6, at an area where I would normally run well, I tipped my head down.  And a ton of sweat ran right into my eyes…

It stings incredibly and got under my contact lenses.  So I took off the ipod and started to try to get the sweat out of the eyes.  I gotta admit I could barely see.

I recovered this and finished mile 12.  as my Garmin beeped for the 12, I noticed a Mom and her boy handing out free water and powerade to all sorts of runners.  I think it was a scout project but I thought it was a very very nice gesture.  I had to refuse my tummy was full.  After that my pace really started to suffer, walk, run walk some more…jog a little, run some….At mile 13.5 I stopped caring about pace, I just wanted to complete. And complete I did.  My time was horrible, BUT!, it was better than last time I ran the 12…so some progress is being made.

Post run, I tried the gu recovery Brew.  I really thought these recovery drinks were gimmicky.  Well, it seems to have helped a lot.  I was able to walk the dog today after a nap and while I am sore, it is not as bad as it could be.  the Brew did not taste very nice at all….Next week I will try Recoverite from Hammer, as I recieved it in the mail this week.

So there it is.  14 miles!!!  I have to say it did seem to me a bit extreme.



5 thoughts on “14 miles

  1. Yay! It’s awesome that you can check this mileage off your list. And overall it didn’t seem like a bad run. The important thing is that you finished! And even better that you don’t feel too bad afterward. Great job!!!

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