All of a sudden I am feeling a little bit stressed out.

The Marathon training is hard.  I mean I guess I always knew it would be hard.  I’ve planned to run a Marathon for many years now, but never was able to do it due to injuries.  Now I have run 6 months without any major injuries and I am in the beginning (week 8 or so of 18 weeks)  of the training plan and I find I am tired.  While I am not running fast, it is strange to note that if I was training for a Half Marathon, I would have already run the race.  I don’t mind running the longer runs that much, but the recovery from them is something I am still learning about.  I apparently need more than one day of rest after running a long.  This is a little bit stressful for me, but I think I am going to learn from this weekly and try to just ensure I do at least one short run, one medium run and a long run a week.  I’m training consistently, but sometimes my results are stinky.

My cell phone was misplaced for one week, and I finally found it yesterday.  I was perplexed to see amidst other calls a call from my Apartment complex Office.  No message left, just that they called.  Being the way I am I am assuming it is because someone complained about Teulu the wonder dog barking.   He has been a bit of s difficult dog over the past few weeks, and has actually been barking and wuffling a lot.  But now that he is no longer ill and needing to go out every 30 minutes, he is content and much much quieter.  I also decided to force myself to give him 3 walks a day rather than 2 and potty breaks.  Soooooo…..

Today I decide I need a new telephone.  I LOVE my new phone.  It goes on the internet, and has a full keyboard for me to text people, a camera, and a variety of other entertaining features.   But I changed my number with the new phone.  Why?  My old area code of 252 was conflicting with my new 352 area code.  people were calling the wrong number constantly.

So now…. The Apartment people can not get in contact with me to let me know the dog is a pain.  I do not want to call because I keep hoping that they were just calling for some other reason…   you know?  SO of course,I feel stressed and worried about this all.

I suppose all will come out in the wash…..

Otherwise all is well.  I skipped my run today and did a little ellipticalling.

Soooo thats where I’m at.


8 thoughts on “Stressed…..

  1. Good for you for doing the marathon training! Is it possible that your body just needs to build up an endurance to the additional miles your placing on yourself?

    You are like me when it comes to those missed calls. I’m always thinking the worst. If they were that concerned then they probably would have left you a message to call them or would have called you repeatedly I would think.

    Try not to worry too much. 🙂 Have a Happy Thanksgiving, too.

    • THanks! I would agree if it was something important they should have left a message….

      It is an endurance thing, I think and also just a matter of doing it. I definitely do not like my new shoes so I am going back to the old ones. Unfortunate because the new ones were squishy and comfy but…not very effective for running….

  2. Emmy says:

    Oh, funny coincidence about the dog barking post! LOL. Actually our neighbor had a dog who never barked, but when he hit a certain age he barked a lot. Not nearly as annoying a bark as some other dogs. I did not mind it because I knew the owner did all she could to take care of the problem.

    You really do work hard for these races. I just bought new shoes and it made a world of difference. As I’m sure you know (and I’m just discovering) there are many factors to running endurance and it can be one big frustrating puzzle. I was wondering about why I was in a slump. Vitamin D deficiency? Too much dairy? Bad shoes? It’s so hard to figure out!

  3. LOL @ the apartment people now not being able to ring you. Your new phone sounds very snazzy – I only want a phone that rings and texts so I’m a little of a phone-dinosaur! 🙂 I hope Teulu is feeling much better.

    • it’s nice but mostly it just has a keyboard so I can text. I wanted the net because certian sites at work are prohibited (facebook) and in 12 hours sometimes you just have got to update a status (ha!) and also for travel as I find it sometimes difficult to get on the net at my families homes.

  4. I can relate to the stressed feeling, but I’ve also come to appreciate that it is all a matter of level. The fact that marathon training for you is difficult makes me feel less bad about 1/2 marathon and really just 5k training for me. Someday I hope to be struggling with some marathon type training. 🙂 (I don’t even know if what I just wrote makes any sense…mostly I just want to say that I am sorry you are struggling a bit, but know that you are still an incredible inspiration to me!)

    Ha! And I too am like you with those missed calls. But I also have made a personal rule that unless you are family calling (we never leave messages unless it is an emergency or something important) I will not call you back unless you leave a message and tell me what it is about. Congrats on the new phone! New “toys” are always fun!

    Sorry about the new shoes not working out, too. I love my shoes, all except for the issue I seem to be having with the insole seam rubbing. If it continues (aka if new socks don’t help pad that area) then I am going to have to go get refitted for a different pair…I think I may ask about trying some Mizunos since you and several others speak so highly of them. 🙂

    • I don’t know if I am in a holiday funk or what not, but I doubt it. It was not until this morning that I realized Thanksgiving is tomorrow!!!
      This whole week has been a struggle to run and now I get to do an afternoon run, it’s 80 degrees here!!! what was I thinking.

      You know, I actually find some of your posts reassuring and inspiring as well…as not too many others admit they have those bad running days. I used to think it was only me, btu now I think it’s everyone but a lot of people don’t admit it….
      Don’t discount the Asics if you do go shoe shopping. They feel awesome, I just can not for the life of me figure out why they feel so good but run soo bad on my feet.

  5. ugh. Holiday Stress. ♥♥♥(((hugs)))♥♥♥

    I hope you find the enjoyment in your running/training. (I still have to get new running or walking shoes–after that I should be able to start some sort of walking/jogging/running ‘thing’. I may try the couch to 5K again but I kind of doubt it…I did so horrid on the first day that I feel there should be a disclaimer (This program works, but only if you have good shoes, a decent level of fitness and the right attitude.) 🙂 I know I’m sinking back into old habits, I bought a 24 pack of Pepsi today. I hope I can control it to one a day. 😦

    Thanksgiving is tomorrow. We will be having a small dinner for just the three of us. I hope you are able to enjoy a good meal. No extra-special desserts or anything like that going on in this house. Chris leaves extra early Friday morning for an 18 day trip to Manila and since he is diabetic he’s really trying to keep a handle on his numbers, so I won’t bake a pie or anything special until after he flies out.

    I hope you have a good Holiday. Stay safe and enjoy.

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