Giving Thanks

I had to run out today and get some baked beans.  I had promised them for our work feast on Thanksgiving day.  I really did not think it was that close.  So since I had some time today as I did not run…(hope to do it later…maybe).  I had some time to think of things that I really am thankful for.

I am really grateful for my job.  Although it is still sort of a chore (I mean it is work)…it is much better than the job I had last year at this time.  It is located 2 miles from my home.  My managers are reasonable approachable people.  I get paid more than I was paid before and I save so much on gas that I’ve been able to save some money in the bank.  This also allowed me to be more generous with the food bank and Toys for Tots than I have been previously.  I felt a little self aware donating 3 big bags of food the other day…but then I realized that there are a lot more people who could be donating even just one can of soup and aren’t….So I hope a few of them saw me and got an idea of two…

I’ve been running essentially injury free for about 6 months.  This is pretty rare for me.  I will freely admit that the Marathon training is starting to be a bit much for me, and that I feel as if it is controlling my life to an extent…but, I like that I am actually able to do it, rather than sitting around thinking about doing it.

I’m really grateful for the friends I have here in Florida.  I’m not a very social person and sometimes I can be awkward.  But over the past couple of years I’ve made some good friends, who I really appreciate.

There are also a ton of small things I’m very glad to have in my life….Dr Teal’s Epsom salt baths, Balega Running socks and such, but I think I’ll stick with the three big ones that stick out in my mind….

What are you grateful for this year?


4 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Emmy says:

    Those are some lovely things to be grateful for. I wish I had gotten out for a run today, I had planned to but we had 45 mph winds so it was a no-go, LOL. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m happy for my boyfriend since I’m not seeing my family for the holidays.

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