Life’s Little Updates….again


Work is going along well.  It’s been busy.  We have had some very seriously sick people, and people trying to die on us, but…I do work in the Emergency Department.  Our new Manager is working out well.  I overheard her on the telephone the other day, and it seems she is finding her new position to be difficult and possibly unpleasant….but I think she is doing a great job.  Her door is always open and I do find that she really listens to people, and seems to value input.  I have a fairly bad schedule for all of December, but since I forgot to put in a schedule request, I probably have no grounds for complaint!!!  So…work is work.  My only big complaint/concern is dealing with the inundation of Nursing students.  I just do not like having them stuck to my ass all day.  In a normal work day we have ebb and flow and moments of craziness and moments of peace….the student sort of makes the crazy moments more crazy, and the peaceful moments less peaceful.  plus, I really do not think they learn that much from wandering round our department watching….

Running.  I had a super odd week in Running.  I had problems all week in getting my runs done.  My schedule was a little “whack”  and I added on top of it a horrible meal at Chilis which ensured I could not sleep.  So I postponed that run until afternoon.  And YES, in Florida afternoon is HOT.  It was 81 degrees.  whew. So I cut the run short by half a mile.  Then on Thanksgiving I went running and found there was this crazy unbearable pain in my legs and hips….ugh!  So, I went out to run my 15 today with a faint heart.frankly, I was afraid.  The run actually went really pretty well.  So 15 miles in the bag for me.  I am noticing that my pace for the first half of these long runs is really improving, but for the second half I experience what they call “fade”.  Hopefully more training will make my fade less noticable!

I have a Half Marathon coming up December 12, and am meeting up with another lady I met at a race back in July, so it should be a little bit social and fun. I am disheartened that my time is not going to be anywhere near what it was in 2007, but I am starting to accept that I am just not in that shape.  We’ll see what actually happens on race day!

I’ve been called to JURY duty one day after this. I faxed a request to defer/be excused, but so far have heard not a yea or a nay.  I’ll have to call this monday now that the holiday is over perhaps they can all be focused on Jury duty and excuses for me!!!

Teulu is much much better.  No more vomiting or diarrhea.  he is eating well and is much much quieter, which is a relief to me and I am sure my neighbours.

New topic  “Upcoming Holidays!!!”  I do love Christmas.  I bought some snowflake shaped lights and put them in one of my windows and have actually been enjoying them.  They are blue and white so they sort of look like Hannukah lights, but that is ok too…

Most of my shopping is DONE!  My challenge for December is to get things shipped and wrapped.  I’ll be flying to Cold RHode island for the Holiday too, so I am looking forward to some coffee, my sister and some red wine biscuits….

So life is rolling right along.

Anyone have any big holiday plans?  Or little ones?  Anyone getting an extra special surprise for Christmas?


4 thoughts on “Life’s Little Updates….again

  1. Sorry work is a little crazy…I would go nuts having someone glued to me all day. And I go you with your shopping badness! 🙂 You are going to do great in that half. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

    No plans at all for Christmas here. Just going to enjoy a week off hanging out with the critters and doing some deep cleaning around the house. And running, of course! 😉

  2. Sorry to hear you were so sore for your run. Wonder what is up with that? Glad to hear that Teulu is better. Your lights sounds so pretty. I grew up in a cold climate so it still seems so strange to me to experience warm days this time of year, too. Somehow Christmas decorations seem so out of place in a way. We don’t have much planned for the holiday. We will probably take a drive up to Flagstaff and play in the snow with our dog for a day or two. I’ll be curious to hear how your race goes in a few weeks! 🙂

  3. Your Christmas lights sound pretty – maybe I will investigate some this year. I continue to get jury duty notices even though I’m not a citizen and every time I fill out the form and tell them I’m not and get excused. The jury pool in DC is not that big (too many non-citizens and people with records/jail time) so citizens seem to get a lot of call ups – the manservant has been on 3 juries in 4 years.

    • Wow!!! thats an odd combination…many people needing juries (those who are getting the records and jail time) and not so many people being able to serve on them!!!
      I did get excused…sometimes being a Nurse is a good thing…

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