Ok so I know…some of you people have had some really cold weather for a while.

Whew.   On Tuesday it was 81 degrees F.  (27 C)  boiling hot and humid, even in the morning when it was about 72 it was pretty muggy.

It got pretty windy that afternoon….

On Wednesday we had a high of about 70 F   (21  C).  and breezy.

Today….We are sitting at 50.  10 C.  Bleeeeh.

On the plus side of being so chilly.  I bagged the early am run. I slept in until 9:41  that doesn’t seem that late, but when used to arising at 4:30 that was incredible.  I had dreams…about jet packs and being late to work…

It was nice.

Now I get to go running…..


5 thoughts on “Brrrrrr

  1. Us too! We’ve been having highs around 60 and lows around 40 (which makes for a pretty chilly dog-walk in the morning). I mean, I think we know it’s nothing compared to what goes on in the north or midwest, but I actually like a little cold-snap this time of year… 🙂

  2. You’ve had some nice weather there. Even out here in the desert it’s been chilly. The thermometer here reads 57 degrees –Brrr!

    Glad you got to sleep in. I so wish I could’ve done that this morning! Its hard to get up when its so chilly and dark.

  3. Emmy says:

    I guess it’s a matter of what you’re used to. Days after we got back from St. Thomas we -could not- get warm. I was freezing all the time for a while. What I dislike about 40 to 50 degrees is that I overheat easily (I think I don’t sweat) and I wear shorts until it’s about 40 or 39. If not, I get so hot I feel like I will pass out. But with the wind chill factor plus running by the water – 40 can feel like 30 something degrees. So I prefer it to be cold enough so I don’t make a mistake and wear shorts when it is close to frostbite weather, LOL

  4. Ugh! While I don’t mind the colder weather, I can’t stand it when it does the jumping around 30 degrees in a matter of days! It has been kind of like that up here too, only less drastic. It was in the upper 60’s before I left town and now that I am back we are in the 40’s to 50’s through next week with overnight lows below 30.

    I am like Emmy…I get too hot so easily, so I am unsure about wearing long pants to run. I guess I just need to get out and figure out what works for me one of these days.

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