Life’s Updates

Ugh what a week.  A week of total Highs and Lows.

I’ve been really tired.  My work schedule for the entire Month of December (and some of January)  is horrible.   This is my fault, I forgot to self schedule and request days so my Scheduler did it for me.  She did a great job for someone who is not training for a Marathon.  But…for me, it is terrible.  Each week, I will have to find some way to run 3 days in a row.  SO far, I have pretty much failed each week.

So work has been really tiring.  I have been having trouble getting up, and getting to work on time, while I have managed to do both, I find that I am still feeling disconnected during those first hours of work.  Luckily the first few hours of work are not usually too incredibly stressful.  My patience has worn thin, and as a result, two people have been “written up” by the manager for being completely rude and lazy.  It made me feel bad, but I am tired, and I now do not have time to deal with everyone’s stupid behavior.  I was pretty sure it would result in unpopularity but actually, it seems to have the opposite.  I guess a lot of people were simply tolerating the childish behavior… but no one wanted to say anything.  I would never had said anything, but I was so tired, I just said, no more BS!

On top of that I apparently have had a HUGE negative calorie deficit.  I had not really changed my eating since I upped my running.  Since August/September I had been running runs of 8 and 9 miles.  But I have never run long long runs like the 14 and 15 milers.  After seeing my Doctor this week, he recommended I write out my calories and see how many I am actually netting.  I spoke with a Nutritionist at the hospital because I was actually confused about the concept.  it seems I need to add about 700 calories a day.  So far…I’ve been eating a lot of donuts, and tortillas.  I have managed to look up some new recipes and Will be trying one hopefully tonight…if I can get to the store for the ingredients I forgot to buy this morning.

Yoga has continued to be AWESOME! While in class I really struggle with the poses and will not be doing the Crow, as pictured above, ever…but…it has been very good for stretching and some strength and after each class I feel like a noodle.  I struggle with being competitive with some of the other students as well, which is silly.  yoga is not something I am that really good at so it makes no sense at all!!!

Running.  What an up and down week.   I ran really well this week, the two runs I ran, they were actually pretty fast.  My Seven mile run actually came in under a 12 Min /Mile which is nice progress.  I bailed a bit on my run today and did 3 miles rather than 11 or 16.  I then came home and slept for several hours.  I have my half Marathon coming up next weekend.  I know I’ll finish, but I think what will happen with my time will be a surprise to me.  I was looking at 2:50, but with the last weeks runs I am starting to to think i might do a little bit better, maybe….My shoes too have bit the dust. I had forgotten how mizunos always do this, they are fine, and then one day Boom…sort of worn out.  I need to order some new ones, or support my local store and buy them for almost double the cost. Hmmm….maybe I can support my local store in some other way.  I do think if I was able to simply fall right asleep after the three that I was still too tired to get it done, and so I am glad to bail and rest up for the Half this weekend…

Getting ready for Christmas… So far all purchased gifts are piled in a corner….I have packaged grandma’s but not done her card…lights are up all over town and we now have freeze warnings to accompany the Holiday music.  I’m having a hard time getting it all together, but I think I probably am ahead.  My decor is up and 90% of my gifts are purchased.  I just need to get on the wrapping train….my gifts often look like that which is not too pleasing to the eye.  My Sister, the art teacher always wraps in such a way that the wrapping is often more of a gift than the gift itself.

Hope everyone is staying warm, and staying fit!


8 thoughts on “Life’s Updates

  1. Sorry to hear your schedule is so crazy. Glad you got some good results from your anti-BS campaign, though. You’ve been making excellent progress with your running. Maybe the extra calories will help with some extra energy and combat some of the tiredness.

    That is awesome you’re almost all ready for Christmas! I stink at wrapping too, I figure it’s the thought that counts! 🙂

  2. I get competitive in our yoga class too — which I know is silly and completely not the point, but I always find myself glancing to see how that other person is doing…

  3. I prefer restorative poses in yoga – especially the nice horizontal position at the end 🙂 I don’t like to open presents that are beautifully wrapped – it seems such a shame to destroy them. Mine tend to be done with packing tape LOL.

  4. Could you be anemic and that causing you to be so tired?
    I should try to find some place to try yoga. I think it would be great to stretch and relax and learn. At the same time, I don’t want to look like a beginner and not have a clue. So, I need a job before I can pay for any classes anyway. So, I will just sit here and think about all of the stuff I should be doing for me, myself, and I.

    I’m glad that you speaking up has made for an easier working situation. Sometimes it just works out that way. Good for you.

  5. Good for you for standing up for some things at work. I have found that people have actually respected me more for doing so when I really thought I’d receive a lot of flack.

    Best of luck for the up coming marathon! I will be cheering you on from Phoenix!!! 🙂

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