Life’s Little updates

Well, it’s cold here in Florida.  -1 C or 30 F is cold in anyone’s book.  Maybe not bitterly cold, but for us reptilian Floridians who rely on the sun for warmth, it’s realy cold.  Apparently the fruit trees, predictably, are having some issues.  Citrus prices will again rise this year.  This is not such an issue for me because our local citrus sold on the roadsides is quite good and rather inexpensive that way.  I know its much much colder up North so I hope all my Northern wordpress peoples have nice scarves and hats to keep them warm!

RUNNING:  I’m in a little bit of a funk after my half Marathon last weekend.  I am sore from the race still!  That and the weather has made me less interested in getting out there for any sort of running or walking.  I know I need to do it though because the Marathon is hanging over me heavily.  I am in a bit of a bind.  I really really dislike the long runs, and find them tedious and somewhat frustrating, as I am always it seems going at a super slow pace.  But, the long runs have enabled me to reduce my times for all sorts of things.

Since I came back from that last injury and was quite overweight and out of shape, I really need to look more realistically at things.  My First 5K in July this year had me coming in at a very upsetting time of 39 minutes.  A 12:45 pace.  whew.  These days I am running the 5K in about 33-34 minutes.  About an 11:35 ish pace.  This is actually a really big improvement.  It’s just hard to see it as such because this still puts me at the back of the pack.  For me my Ideal running pace would be the 10 minute mile, but I have never really been able to get there, though this year, if I can remain consistent, it might be the year.  How do you keep going when progress seems slow?  Do you use small incremental rewards or do you just trudge on?

I’ve also managed to run for 8 months now Injury Free!  This is a big deal and possibly a huge part in the improvements I’ve been able to see.  Sure I had the hammer toe issue which is essentially resolved (It hurts on longer runs, but not so much for anything 10 and under.)  So I feel  delighted about this.

I can not figure out why I was so injured before but I think it was being in motion control shoes when I did not need them, and overtraining a lot with my old trainer.  At any rate, running essentially injury free has been a joy, and a bit of a torture.  I feel like running lately is a second job and that I can’t stop doing it even when I want to.  I have the Marathon in February, and also a Half in March with My new running pals Anne and Wendy.   Now, the Marathon I just want to forget, but I can’t.  and the Half in march, I now was the PR so so much I can almost taste it.  What does a PR taste like? Probably a little like this.   I am a fan of the fruit lathered belgian waffle indeed.  Add in some real maple syrup and I am in heaven.

Anyway, so I am going to somehow try to run that race like there is no tomorrow, while the Marathon, As far as I can imagine, it will be one big suffer fest of 5 and 1/2 hours.  I just dont see myself getting too much faster.

As so that is running.  going to try to get out today and I have Yoga today so that is bound to stretch me out a bit!

My Job is going along fine as far as I can tell!  I’ve had the week off and I rather needed it.  I feel ready to return now and unlike before I am dreading it less.  My Co-worker mentioned before is out of the hospital and seems to be doing better, though I am unsure if she will be returning to her job any time soon.

I’ve been reading a lot.  Mostly Lisa See.  She writes about China.  I am now reading her detective series, and it is enjoyable.  She has also written a  few other books.  Shanghai Girls, which was great on so many levels…discussion of family relations, the political climate of China in that time, the fear of the McCarthy/Anti-communist era, and so on.. all rolled into one story.  She herself, is not Chinese, which rather surprised me.

Christmas… I have not been very good about certain Holiday plans.  I’ve done all the shopping, no problem.  But Now..I need to reserve a car spot and I seem to just not want to do that.  Nor do I want to wrap any gifts.  or find out what it costs to bring a suitcase on the plane these days…And it’s all happening sooo soon!!!!  I, taking the lead from Flamingo Dancer’s Mother, have mailed a paltry total of 3 holiday greetings.  3.    Today, after I get my head on straight, I must go and get some of this organized.  I am really looking forward to the family time (I think…it’s always such a mixed bag.) but of course, my running schedule is getting more and more convoluted, and I am seeing each opportunity to skip things that will help me improve!!!  Arrrugh!!!!

Happy Christmas to all celebrating.   Hope you are all able to keep warm.


10 thoughts on “Life’s Little updates

  1. I read the first of Lisa See’s mystery books and couldn’t get into it. I liked her other books though – I’ve read them all.

    Good to hear that you’re enjoying your week off.

      • Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was my favorite. If you haven’t read Peony in Love I liked that as well. I enjoy her writing style but I agree that her strong point doesn’t seem to be in writing mysteries.

      • Oh and I have Leaving Atlanta here waiting to be read. I’m almost half way through Solomon’s Oak but when I’m finished Leaving Atlanta’s next up!

  2. I started Peony in love. Could not deal with it due to the eating issues. I would have enjoyed it but I couldnt actually read any more.

    I really enjoyed Snow Flower as well, and gave it to my sister for Christmas one year. She said she thought it was “uninteresting” Hmmm….so I’ve avoided gifting her with books from then on!

  3. Maybe you should give yourself a rest from running for a short bit to kind of get your batteries recharged. Do some other activity instead. I hear you on the race times! I feel like I am one of the slowest runners out there. Not sure what I’m doing or not doing. I’m going to try to drop a few more pounds after the holidays and see if that helps.

    Merry Christmas to you too!

    • I sooo want a break from the running, but I am smack in the thick of the marathon training. I am starting to feel a bit better about it though One just has to steel oneself to the 4 hour run….

  4. Congrats on 8 months injury free!!! YAY! Yoga should definitely help stretch out some of those post 1/2 muscles…I hope. I can tell you from my personal travel experience, bags typically run around $25 to check (for the first one) and they have to be under 50 pounds or there is an additional fee for an overweight bag.

    I have been struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this year, but I did finally get the tree Sunday. And I’ve even gotten the lights on it (my least favorite part) so tonight I am going to finish getting it and the rest of the house decorated.

    • thanks for the bag info Anne. This cold weather has sapped my interest in anything that does not involve blankets, the couch or a warm beverage. I have got to get things together for the holiday!

  5. Miranda says:

    I really need to start reading regularly again. Lately I’ve just been more interested in plopping down on the couch and losing myself in mindless TV. I have a shelf full of books that need to be read!

    Great job staying injury free!

    Don’t feel slow. You are so speedy compared to me! I can only dream of running a mile in under 12 minutes!

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