Late updates

Just a quick note.  I did not die after running the 2o.   I merely faded into the Holiday hub bub.

I spent Christmas at my sisters home with her husband and two very young and active boys, as well as my parents.  It was an adventure.  The boys are very nice, much more polite and obedient than your average kids that age, so that was OK.  Unfortunately they are still not that independent and require “input” and some sort of supervision most of the time.  After a while this gets a wee bit irritating.  I now understand why my sister frequently hits the library for videos.

I did a little running up in Rhode Island, but on the second day we experienced the first big snow storm!  For me, it was wildly exciting.  I kept running over to the windows and peeking out, much to my Brother in Law’s mystification.  I just had not seen snow fall and stick in maybe 4 years, so it was really wonderful.  Plus the 55 MPH winds made it also rather eerie.  Anyway, the snow being all over everything put a damper on my running plans, and I also came down with some sort of sore throat, sinus infection courtesy of my small nephews, I think.  So, I played in the snow with my nephews for some time, and I actually shoveled 1/2 of the driveway, which was a novelty for me.  And then I spent the rest of the vacation trying to appear cheerful, which wanting nothing more than to sleep.

Luckily my flight got off on time and I have returned to Florida, where it is currently about 75 degrees.

Being sick has really slowed down my running efforts.  In addition, since I have gotten home, I have been at work every day until today, so I have managed to run about 2 miles total.   Starting to feel somewhat better today, so…I think next week will be back on track.

I do have some resolutions floating in my head.  I think I am going to take the next week to think about them really long and hard and make some decisions!

Ahhh and it’s Drop the Red Box eval time!  On the 4th of Jan…(perfect timing) I’ll have my BP, cholesterol and Blood Glucose rechecked, as well as weight, and such…for our employer health and wellness program.  I’ve lost some weight and my BP is much improved.  the big one in questions is the cholesterol.


Here’s to a happier than you can imagine and healthy New year!


7 thoughts on “Late updates

  1. Emmy says:

    Isn’t snow fun once in a while?? I love shovelling. I know – everyone thinks I’m disturbed when I say that. Many people got sick over the holiday. I think it’s harder to shake when it’s nice outside. Good work running despite your illness – I overdid it a bit and ended up with another sore throat, but the weather has been mild (50 degrees today)!

    • 50 degrees is mild! wow! THe snow was really fun! And we were amazed at the kids enthsiasm regarding it. Mt Dad thought they would complain of the cold, but in fact we had to call them in before they really froze….

  2. My brother works on the road and has been working all around Florida for about three years now. He averages coming home maybe once every six months and came in for Christmas this year. When it started snowing he was laughing. He said “well, I guess it’s time for me to go!” He was happy to get out of here and get back to sunny Florida. He called me on Monday and said he was sitting by the beach watching the waves roll in. I was still watching the snow melt. Not fair!

    I got snowed in with my nieces five kids, 2, 4, 6, 12 and 15 plus my 11 and 14 year old grand daughters. I know what you mean about the kids! lol

  3. Happy New Year MG! My family is from up that way too in the Boston area. I heard all about the storm there. Kind of wished I was there myself. 🙂 Hope the health & wellness screening goes well.

  4. Happy New Year — hope that you’re on the mend (seemed like a lot of people I knew were sick over the holidays). Glad you got to have some fun in the snow!

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