Cholesterol and more.

January 4th was my 6 months check up for the Employee wellness plan.  It was really really nice to see my progress.

I did finally, with the help of Welchol, lower my Cholesterol to 179.  the Ldl is now at 129, which is fairly good, and the triglicerides went from 89 to 145 (I think from the Beef Wellington I had just 5 days before…) and my HDl which should be high remains stubbornly at 32.

My glucose which had also been running 107 fasting, which is just not right…is now at 89.  So… go Welchol.  I wish it were not so expensive.  Plus, I feel like I am actually cheating…by taking a medication to lower my cholesterol!!!!

My Blood pressure when I started in July was also atrocious.  130/90.   Now it is 110/70.

I lost about 15 pounds of that injury weight.

So….as far as the Six months checkup goes.  I did very well.  For my efforts, I will receive 6 more months free at the gym.  (saving me 216 dollars), another free cholesterol and glucose screen in July 2011, and a 50.00 gift card.  I pray and hope the gift card is for the grocery store, and not some shop where I would not normally go.

I guess I did better than average because the lady who administers the program sent me an email saying she wants to chat and have me do a “testimonial”  to try to get other employees more interested in using the program and getting involved. Yikes.

In the next Six months…

I hope to  lose another 15 pounds.

See my HDL come up somehow… I do not know if there is anything more I can do for that.  I do the exercise, I am eating fairly well, and such….

and possibly get the cholesterol so low that my physician would allow me to stop the Cholesterol medication…. maybe.

I am lucky to have such a great employee wellness program.  I just wish that after one year there would continue to be some benefits….


9 thoughts on “Cholesterol and more.

  1. That is low. Don’t want to think about mine. Stppoed taking Lipator on the advice of my aunt (a Md) after I told her I woke up in the morning with leg cramps. I am guessing the 3 mile round trip I take to and from the car 5 days a week does help.

    • You know, I take Welchol, which is processed in the GI tract, and does not have the muscle ache side effects. You might look into that. I am sure the 15 miles of walking a week has got to help!

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