More Life’s Updates….

I thought you know, after the Holidays, my life would slow down a bit.  Not a chance.

Job Wise:  Things are seemingly going along well for me.  The new Manager seems to really like me and that is a definite plus.  She put me on what they call “The clinical Ladder” program at work.  So now I get an extra 1.50 in my pay per hour.

Nurse Barbie has quit, and a lot of people seem to be feeling some relief over that.  Her dramatics were annoying.  In addition, another “pot stirrer” was let go over time and attendance issues, unofficially of course it was more due to her stirring the pot, and causing a lot 

dislike and resentment and hurt feelings among co-workers.  The Department is much much calmer with these two gone.

We are having very high census, meaning the hospital is full to the bursting.  I came in one day this week and the Department was full of admitted patients.  We had 3 beds open to treat new Emergency patients.  As you can imagine, this quickly created a huge problem.  We ended up clearing it out finally around 3 pm, but the morning was really just an adventure in learning what happens for patients after they leave the Emergency Department.  God Bless those nurses upstairs…those patients are irritating.

Hopefully as Winter wanes, it will calm down a bit.

Running:   I’m sort of messed up with the running.  It would appear that I peaked (was running my best in this training cycle)  during my half Marathon.  oops.  I rant he 20 miler before Christmas which was just unpleasant.  After Christmas I got a bit sick, which made things difficult.  Now, it is just really really cold here.  So I finally went today with a plan to run 20 miles on the treadmill.  Needless to say…that did not work out too well.  I ended up doing just about 10.  It was boring and I was getting tired.  Still the ten felt fine.  Now that the Marathon is about 3 weeks out, It is not really wise to do another 20 miler, so LOL…I dodged that bullet.

I do not want to run the Marathon, but for some reason my friend Jim, who will complete in under 5 hours…seems to want me to run it.  So I finally decided just to Go for it and finish.  It’s going to be awful!  Really and truly Horrific.  I am excited for this to be over and for me to focus on the Half distance.  I am thinking of doing another Marathon in November, but…I need to get my base to be more Marathon-y.  Right now I have a nice base for a Half.  not a full.  I love running distances up to about 8 miles.  After that it gets really miserable.

And I am having houseguests again.  A Nurse friend of mine is coming in 2 weeks, and then with the guests coming into town in February….so let the cleaning frenzy begin.  I can not wait for summer.  no one comes here in summer! I really do want to see these people….but the cleaning….no fun…

The dog is fine.  He has been doing a lot more running with me, which is fun for me, since I have to concentrate on him a lot (not running into him and not getting tangled up in poles…) so I forget that running is hard work…

My Social life is improving slightly.  I’ve made some local friends via the Website “DailyMile”  surprisingly, I really like the lady I met and so we now text each other and have “coffee dates”.  It is so important to have friends outside of work, so I love it.  Plus its great to have someone to talk running to.  I did meet a man I like but I’m quite undecided about how he feels, so…I have decided not to get too invested in that…

Not too much else new,  watching world news unfold and it does like armageddon is arriving.. Earthquakes, Etna spewing lava, flooding on two continents….Its overwhelming and hard to comprehend.

and those are the updates….


5 thoughts on “More Life’s Updates….

  1. Well that must’ve been a relief to have those two people gone at work. I hope the intake at the hospital slows down. I suppose its just this time of the year, huh? We tend to get more visits here during the winter months as well. Everyone is trying to get out of the cold weather. Cleaning stinks but just think about how nice it’ll look. Glad that your social life is improving. Is that site local only?

  2. Emmy says:

    Geez, how many marathons have you run this year? You remind me of my stylist, it seems like she does 2 races per month at least.

  3. So, I haven’t been a very good blog-friend. I haven’t read many of the posts from any of my blog-peeps. I was glad to read that you have your numbers lowered and raised where they need to be. I am having trouble getting my triglycerides lower. I’m hoping that they have been so high because of the soda I used to drink. I’m hoping that no longer drinking the sugary soda will bring that number down.

    I am not a runner, nor have I ever pretended to be a runner (well, except that one time in my Freshman year(high school)…that I thought doing the hurdles was fun and I felt like I was close to flying….) It seems to me that you don’t enjoy the marathons, seems like the smaller/shorter runs are what make you happy and what makes you feel the best about yourself.

    I hope the number of patients slows down. It sucks to be sick enough to be admitted…it must suck more to be admitted and then not able to get out of the ER dept. because the rooms upstairs are full, too. I can only imagine how rough it is on the nurses and other people responsible for making the sick feel better. Is there a specific reason so many people are getting admitted? The flu, pneumonia or something else? I’m also glad that the two ‘Debbie-Downers’ are no longer a part of your work life thus making work a happier place.

    Dog: 🙂
    Visitors: 🙂
    House cleaning: :^(

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