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I have not had much time to do any updating…..But I really should put some things down on the computer.  (I initially wrote paper and then realized how silly that looked.)

Work is still insanely difficult.  Admitted patients are being held for hours and hours in the Emergency Department.   It has gotten slightly better, but, treating people in hallways for all sorts of things leaves a lot to be desired.  The patients are always convinced that it is some sort of prejudice against them, even though from where they are (in the hallway)  they can see about 10-15 other patients in the hallway as well….  We can’t really do good exams in the hall, and certain procedures just can not be done in a hallway either.    As I have been tapering down for the Marathon, I have had a lot more free time, so I filled it in part by doing a lot of overtime.   It has resulted in some nice paychecks so I have no regret over that.  Though my house could be a lot cleaner etc.

I’m trying to save some money for a sizable down payment on a condo or townhome.  I got all excited about one that I could afford and was in a great neighbourhood and was just charming.  But then…I did a little research about it and found it was a Short Sale.   At Face value Short Sales seem like great incredible deals,  but they actually are not.   It is more difficult to close, and in the end usually sells for higher than the posted asking price.  Multiple bids are accepted and the home can be sold out from under you even when you are already involved in a contract.   So, as I was not prepared to pay more than the amount posted and really did not want to get into an emotional roller coaster and such, I decided to table the idea for some time and wait.  With that in mind, I am plunking cash in a savings account every month and trying to pick up little bits and pieces of overtime.  I also think I might like to be employed at the same hospital for over one year before I purchase a home.   We shall see. I was quite taken by that one home and if it is still on the market in February or March I may just try to go for it.

Running has been so up and down.  I have become burnt out on the West orange trail.  It may just be that the 20 miler was so miserable that I just can not bear to run on it anymore, or that it is so familiar.  I ran a few miles on it the other day and became promptly annoyed as it was super rainy and the GPS was not tracking correctly.  How on earth did I know that?  I’ve run that trail so often I know where mile 1,2,3, etc are actually and the GPS was off by about a quarter of a mile.

I spent much of last week doing runs on the treadmill, not really fun but it felt safe.  I mean, if you get too tired to go on, you just shut the thing off and step off.  None of this being 5 miles from your car and being exhausted!  Sadly the treadmill really does not give a person the same workout that 

running outside does.  This article,  from Sparkpeople explains it well.  While the person strives to give a balanced pro and con list regarding the treadmill and the outside, it’s pretty clear that running outside is better for your core and in general your muscle development.  And Boy could I tell.  The ten I ran on the mill felt like a dream compared to todays 12 outside.  Today was my last double digit run before the Marathon.  I still took sort of an easy way out.  I ran 3 with the dog, then dropped him off to run 4.5 and then stopped back at the house for water and bathroom and ran the last bit…  I actually enjoyed the run though, partly because I went into areas I have not been to for a while, and it was nice to not see the same West Orange Trail.  The trail however is so ideal for long runs that I hope I get over my mental aversion to it soon.   (For example, its a heck of a lot flatter than what I ran today..).

Really looking forward to having the Marathon pressure off and starting a new training cycle.  I learned so much about myself and about distance running this cycle, that I can not wait to apply it to another attempt!  But first, I must get through my first attempt!

Lets see, I have also discovered this new makeup.  Not really new at all, but new to me… the Almay line , especially the ones that say they are color matching.  I tried it at my sisters house, then got some myself.  I really thought it didn’t look any different but then one of the secretaries at work asked if I had had an eye lift.  SO I guess a little foundation helps.  My only complaint is that it does leave my face feeling dry even when I put Oil of Olay on first.

Thats really about it.  I’m quite tired after my adventure of running today and also my left ankle is hurting, but I am ignoring it a bit as it feels temporary and will probably go away soon… Off to A chain called SMoky Bones for dinner with friends….


10 thoughts on “Updates updates

  1. It doesn’t sound as though your life has slowed down…. 🙂 It is nice to have money going into something we own rather than renting – though it took us 7 years to decide to do it! I’ve read that before about short sales not always working out like one would imagine them to. 3 houses in our street were short sales and they actually sold fairly quickly – they needed a lot of work done on them though.

  2. I think the treadmill and the ourdoors both serve their purpose. For (so called) easy runs I take the dog and run along the creek. But when I want to beat a time, I know that once I put the treadmill on and set it to a speed then that’s that, there’s no slowing down.

    • I like to use the treadmill for Speed work, for just that reason. You set it for a speed, and run… it is also good here in Florida for certain types of hill workouts. It’s just that for long slower distance runs the Treadmill is probably not the best choice, if only for the boredom factor. My Only gleeful moment in my 10 miles on the treadmill that week was watching this poor college student fully adjust his speedo, unaware that there was a bank of treadmills opposite those tinted windows. He gave several of us a bit of a show….

      • And I find that on the treadmill I have to watch the clock all the time. Every second. I must have terrible balance because if I don’t stare right at the clock I feel very unstable.

  3. Wow…sounds like things have been busy busy for you! Yeah, short sales are definitely a pain, but if you aren’t in a hurry and find a really fabulous deal, sometimes they are worth the painful process. However, I am with you, I really would rather not go through all that. LOL

    I am counting down the days until I am allowed to even start walking again. And then I am actually going to do it outside!!! Eventually when I am “cleared” to run, I am going to start over about midway into the C25K program, but also, outside. We’ll see how it all goes. I’d like to get back into shape before the super heat of summer hits, but then it will probably be back on the treadmill for me as I cannot abide the humidity here. I don’t know how you do it in FL!

  4. Work sounds crazy but good for you for socking your extra earnings away! If your instincts are telling you to wait on the house then that is probably a good idea. I’m sure a better deal will be around the corner. 🙂

  5. Yowza! you are so busy! Good luck with finding the condo/house. I swear, that dream is seriously out of reach living in Los Angeles. I’m sure something you really love will come up if you just wait it out too.
    I miss running. I have to buy new shoes so I’ve only been out on walks. I totally agree that running outside is 100x better than running on the treadmill. 😉
    Good luck on your marathon too!

  6. I think your plan to buy your own place is a great one, have been trying to get Daughter2 to see the light on that one too. I think you are also wise to wait and see how you like the new work place before buying, as it is much easier to make a move when real estate is not involved. Good luck!

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