Post Marathon Week.

It’s now over a week since I finished my Marathon.

I don’t have one of these on my car…. I decided to wait until I felt like I ran a fairly good Marathon.   I have to admit though, I saw a car at the gym with one today and I sort of felt a moment where I wanted to have it on my car as well.  But really.   really?   Not needed.

I have some new photos of the Marathon experience.  Here is the initial picture of

Jim, myself and Todd.  We are really

obviously we are very very excited.  My sunscreen included chapstick is very obvious in this pre-race pic, thats why my lips looks sort of whiteish. 

to the far right is the After shot.   It really shows how swollen my face got, I think.  I was completely unaware of the face!   Jim looks pretty happy!   I am glad to be done.

I  have the Seaside Half Marathon coming up the first weekend in March with Wendy and Anne.   I hope it will be fun.

Originally I was hoping for a Personal Best at the Seaside, but the way things are going right now I think I will just run it and have fun.  I just have not been feeling like training after finishing the race.  I seem to have strained my hip a little, I am enjoying sleeping in a bit and I just am not entirely “Jazzed up” for it.  But I think it will be alright over all.  I don’t feel any odd loss of goals or the other things that people warn can happen after training for a long time for a long race…. I just think I am a little tired.

Work is work.   I have started to really Despise it, because I signed up for all this overtime during taper week.  Well.   The paychecks are nice.  If my house purchase ever settles I will have a tidy down payment…but I may have to spend it all at a Psychiatrist’s office to regain my sanity!

I signed up to Volunteer also at One of the big local triathlons as well.  I was so impressed with the volunteers at the Marathon, I decided to take a moment and also give back.  Apparently because I am a Nurse, the coordinator was pretty excited to have me sign on, even though they have their own medical team.  So, hopefully This will be fun.  It may just end up being a long hot day as well, but it is good to give back.  I’ve certainly been given a lot.

Weather is bizarre lately.   Cold, then nice and hot, then cold.

I’m starting to see the sun rise peeking over the horizon on my way to work!   Can not wait for the days to get longer and longer!

AND.  Bonus.  My face and entire body seem to have decreased to an entirely normal size!!!!


5 thoughts on “Post Marathon Week.

  1. I agree with Steve. This is awesome! I admire runners who have the discipline to train for a marathon. The best I can ever hope for is to show up at the charity walkathons and complete them within a respectable amount of time. (And few of them care about your time: they just want your sponsors’ money. 😀 )

    You also look great! If you hadn’t mentioned your face was swollen, I never would have known. Sunshine and a smile do wonders that no makeup artist can ever hope for.

  2. Its so nice to place a face with the blog! 🙂 I also wouldn’t have noticed the swelling in your face either. The important thing about the marathon is that you finished. Running that whole thing is no easy feat.

    • I’m going to Seaworld today (whoo hoo, I go alot since you pay for a day and then get the rest of the year for free…) and will hopefully have some nice shots. and then My balloon face situation can be rectified!

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