Lifes little Updates

About time for an update.


Not too much going on in reality.

I found myself after the Marathon to be really tired and possibly a little sad.  I was never sure if I was experiencing Post-Race depression, or just actually tired.  Even today, almost one month later, I did not set an alarm and found myself waking up at 7:30 rather than the usual 4:30.  So I assume I am tired.  Of course, being tired, can also be a sign of depression…so who knows.

I actually feel pretty good.  This week I have logged more miles than I have in about a month.  The running is not easy but, it’s coming a long.  I rather strongly regret that I am running a half marathon next weekend.  I picked the race originally because I wanted to be sure not to have Post-Race Depression!  But having not done a Marathon, I really had no idea how I would recover.  Soooo, I will be somehow completing the Half next weekend.  I just want to finish it, I have no time goal in mind at all…

Work has been horrific again.  We have been really crowded with patients.  I cam in one day and found Medical Surgical patients in hospital beds, holding in the hallways.  Lately we have been treating a lot of our patients in the hallways, while the admitted patients stayed in our rooms. Well on that day we ran out of rooms.  Really amazing.  As you can imagine, no one is really happy about this situation.   Luckily by the next day, at least the admitted pts were all tucked into rooms again…Working under these conditions, may be part of why I feel so tired all the time as well.  But work is going along well, despite our space challenges.  I seem to be getting along well with most people, and continue to like working there.  But I can not wait for summer, so that we have hot weather and those pesky sick snowbirds can go be sick in Ohio or Michigan or wherever else they come from.

I have finally started to do a tiny small bit of weight training again I do hope that will help improve my running.  I know it won’t hurt it!

I am  not extremely motivated with this, but I just keep doing it.

A man that I work with Brian, needs a Bone Marrow transplant.  I’m making plans to go get my blood HLA typed to see if I am a match.  i’d be delighted to be his match.   Sadly, his insurance will not pay for the donor’s surgery, so we are trying to raise money for this.  A family member set up an account at  a place called “chipin” and have raised about 100.00 so far.  I am a little frustrated as I am unsure about how to go about raising money for this.  I hope I am his match because then there would be no issues with transporting a donor to Florida etc.  I am not so thrilled that the insurance doesn’t cover it.  I mean…it covers the transplant, but not getting the transplant materials out of the donor…hmmm.

So thats been on my mind a lot.

Not much else though.. so I shall stop this blathering now!


5 thoughts on “Lifes little Updates

  1. I had never heard of post-marathon depression. I would think with all those endorphins that you’d feel great. Interesting. This time of the year too does make it harder to get up out of bed. I also have had a difficult time and have overslept on several mornings despite going to bed at a decent hour. I wonder if the lack of sunlight right now may be to blame.

    Gosh, that sounds crazy where you work. We also in AZ have had issues with hospital overcrowding. Too many people moved here too soon and then with the snowbirds and all they are overwhelmed. I hope your patient levels there lighten up soon.

    • The days are getting longer here, and so I should be interested in getting up. But who knows, I think I may just be tired!

      The Theory behind Post marathon depression is that the Marathon is something that you train for for Soooo long that once it’s done some people feel like they have lost focus and get sad. i was sure I’d be one, but I don’t think so, I think i was just disappointed in my time.

      I had not even thought that snowbirds go anywhere but Florida!!!! I am going to mention Arizona to them all!!!! (or maybe southern Texas!)

  2. That’s funny about the sick snowbirds. Every winter in Minnesota we’d see all these retirees depart to their timeshares and beachfront homes in places like Florida: when they came back with their tans and boxes of fresh oranges, they’d boast about the weather but complain about the “dumb locals” and how bad the public services were in these resort towns. One particularly obnoxious neighbor told us about how he and his wife were in a car accident while they were in some small Florida town (not their fault, of course), and how they had to wait for hours in the ER before they even got to talk to a nurse. After listening to his tiresome remarks, I said, “So you’re going to spend winters in Minnesota from now on?” He said, “Hell no! The taxes here are insane!”

    I did not say, “It’s because we have to pay for medical services for needy old geezers like you,” but maybe I should have. He was always railing about “people on welfare,” but he never offered to return his Social Security checks or his Medicare card. And he never said ‘thank you’ when my kids brought his paper and mail to him when it was raining outside. He expected people to take care of him, I guess. :-/

    • Yup, we locals, we’re dumb. It is true though that there are lacking public services in some of the resort villages, as they are essentially empty for many months. People though I think are difficult all over.

      We are having great weather though!

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