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10 thoughts on “Blah blah blah….

  1. My gosh, you saved a man’s life! What a story you will have to tell as well. How often can you say that you’ve saved the life of a man in crotchless panties? LOL.

    I hope the race goes well. It sounds like its been tough. I’m also doing a 5K on 3/12 and have had a hard time getting going myself. My body just seems to hurt or something.

    I have cathedral ceilings in my house and what I’ve done is sort of a collage of pictures in separate frames. It adds without getting ‘lost’ in the size of the wall.

    • You know, I never really thought of saving that mans life or not. It really was a typical day, except for the Underwear…you don’t see that everyday…

      I like the photo collage idea. the only other idea I like so far is getting an “oversized clock”

  2. I don’t how you were able to treat the man with crotchless panties without cracking up a bit. I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face, though my former neighbor, an ERT, said after a while you’ve seen it all. (His favorite story was when he unzipped a guy’s jeans to look for bullet wounds—he’d been shot by his girlfriend—and a snake crawled out of the pants. Non-poisonous, fortunately.)

    It does sound like you could use a break. I hope the marathon goes well for you. Maybe you’ll even have time to party a little before you go home!

    • Oh We were laughing. Luckily the guy was completely unconcious, or we would have had to keep a straight face on….
      I had all of yesterday off and today too and alreadythe house is semi clean and I feel good!!

    • You would! THing is my first year as en Emergency Dept tech….I would have been shocked, now, it’s sort of the same all the time. I do think I have come to a really realistic idea about death though, which hopefully will help me in the coming years…(I live in fear currently that my rather health parents are going to die…which of course eventually they shall.)

  3. I’m sure your work stories are endless. They do provide good entertainment for your readers but I’m sure gets old quickly for you.

    Good luck and have fun with the race this weekend! I wish I were going to be there to meet you and Anne!

  4. Such work stories! A stuffy nose patient must have been a relief after the previous day.

    I come from a very “medical oriented” family. A doctor father, a nurse mother, a doctor brother, a doctor sister and an EMT sister. The things that I’d hear when they all started discussing strange things from work was something else!

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