Life’s wacky updates.

I hate to say it but all I want for Lent is  for all these SnowBirders to GO the F&*$#@ back to whatever cold place they came from.

I’ll gladly never eat another candy forever.


7 thoughts on “Life’s wacky updates.

  1. Maybe they’re waiting for the Easter bunny to take them home. 😀

    The ones from Minnesota used to wait until Memorial Day before they went home. Then we got to listen to them gripe about how expensive Minnesota taxes are compared to Florida’s, or how they wish there weren’t any kids in the neighborhood, unlike their condominium in Florida. (Who did they think was going to pay for their social security? Or their medical care?)

    Hope for your sake they’re gone soon.

  2. Everytime I hear the term “snow-birder” I think of the old Bing Crosby crooner-tune. “Spread your tiny wings and flyyyyyyy awaaaaayy….” 🙂

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