Life’s Longer Updates…

So, what a Week it has been.  I’ve been watching the situation in Japan, not extremely carefully, but enough now to know it’s a HUGE problem, and enough to realize that it will change that area, and the world forever.  I’m very Proud to see that MSF is there.  As I spent quite some time doing missions with them.  Of course, since MSF has an actual office in Japan, they were right on the scene.   The Japanese were almost always present on my missions, so I know of their commitment to service to others.  I’ve heard from the few people I know there that they are alright, but..I can not help but wonder now about Radiation…

In my life, things are also rather MESSY.

Firstly I got my evaluation last week.  It was OUTSTANDING.  I got a small pay raise, but none the less, I got one.  I was feeling pretty happy about that.  Then within about 2-3 hours of that I made an error at work which was serious…not harmful to anyone, but still a problem.   And then 2 days later, I totally  lost my temper in regards to a tech who is actually sort of a jerk, in front of my manager.  Said manager was floored as I am usually all peaches and cream.  I was extremely tired, and really miserable regarding some things outside of work, and was actually acutely worried about the error I had made.  There will be some “remediation” regarding it, but the Manager seemed unsure of what the remediation would be, and said she had to actually look it up, but she was less concerned about it than my temper.  Hmmm.   SOOOO…I suppose it is a good thing I have an entire year again until another annual review!

I was really unhappy about that for a few days…But I have almost gotten over it.  Everyone loses their temper once in a while.  I have a really BIG temper.  It flares up and then blows away within minutes.  And people do make errors.  But UGH.

So work has been extremely stressful.   We are also super busy.  Have a lot of patients holding in the ED and no beds to treat people coming in for illness.  When I left on Monday we had 45 ppl in the lobby waiting for treatment.  Yugh.

Running  has been pretty OK.  I am not on any plan until April, so just fooling around.  I also started today with a new trainer.  WOW.  Painful!   it hurts but in a “hurts so good”  kind of way.  he surprised me by throwing in 5 minutes of very speedy speedwork on the treadmill.  I thought I might die.  Eventually he did have to put the incline down, but the speed was surprising.  I have never usually run that speed.  I did say, “I don’t run that speed”  but in my head I was thinking,  ( Uh  gee, I guess I do for the moment).  So he’s going to be good for my aging body.  I may or may not do a couple a 5Ks here and there.  My big races are for october and November.  WHoo Hoo.  The trianer is a runner too, so we are specifically working on that stuff.  But he is killing me….I tell ya.   At the end of our session, I am all collapsed in a puddle of sweat and he is saying, “So did you think it was OK?”  and I am like, OMG  Could it get harder?  Lets not ask and find out!

No news on the House.  I thought I would hear this week, and I still may.


My friends Cat had Kittens!!! It’s a teeny tiny photo that she sent me but I think I am going to take the gray one and the light yellow one, depending on the home situation.  My Dog of course today showed a highly abnormal interest in a local cat, making me wonder if he could adjust.  My plan for the new house (which I have to have for kittens) is to get a very nice permanent dog gate and keep the upstairs dog, and dog hair free…for guests.  (There is a small guest bedroom and bath upstairs)  thus the kitties would be able to get away from the dog fairly well.  Still I worry.

So thats life.   I am feeling more relaxed about work than I was earlier….and very happy about my choice of new trainer.  Bodes well for running.

I may or may not have finally lost One whole pound.  we shall see in the morning.

Our weather is nice and hot and dry finally too…


8 thoughts on “Life’s Longer Updates…

  1. Ugh. I always hate making mistakes at work—they tend to undermine my already low self-esteem and make anything good I had recently done seem like a fluke.

    Good luck on the house and the kittens. The little buggers are just so stinking cute and I love the way they play with each other. I really hate being so allergic to them. 😦

    Best of luck with the running, the 5K’s and the weight loss. I’m still struggling to lose the extra pound or two that I picked up while I was in New Orleans in January.

  2. I was told as a child I was allergic, so have always avoided cats, but recently I got allergy tested (sort of by accident, went in for my asthma and the MD decided to do scratch testing…) and Cats can up negative, so I am going for it!

    I do worry about the dog. But I figure if I get them when the housei s still relatively without furniture, they can do all that running around after each other without too much damage.!!

  3. Congrats on the raise! We all lose our temper from time to time. Where it sounds like you’ve been there awhile and they know you already then they should just let it go as you were having one of those days. Thats what I think anyways.

    Those little kitties are so cute!

    Good for you for hiring the personal trainer! I have wanted to do that for awhile now. You’ll have to keep us posted as to your results with it.

    • Things do seem to be better today between myself and the boss….sooo, I think as long as I don’t get so angry ever again, and tired, I should be alright!

  4. Great that you got a raise! Hope you will hear soon about your house…kitties look cute. I hope you can get them. I don’t think your dog will have problems with them, at least my late golden didn’t. I think goldens tend to be ‘babysitters’ when it comes to really young kitties and puppies. If you get the kitties, they will probably be playmates for your dog, it’ll just take a little time to get to know one another.

    Glad to hear your running is getting a small break.

  5. Congrats on the good review and raise!! And I wouldn’t worry too much about the angry episode…like you stated, a full year will have passed before your next review. Between now and then you will continue to wow them to the point of forgetting about the incident. 🙂

    And don’t worry too much about the kitties with the dog. It took one good swipe from my first kitty for Sadie to understand that they didn’t like it when she poked them with her nose. And I think the dog gate idea is excellent! I think you know, I installed a “kitty” door in my laundry room so the cats could access the bonus room upstairs. I keep their litter boxes and food up there and it gives them their own space. The dogs don’t bother them much in general, but they LOVE to get into the kitty food and kitty poo. Eeew! this solved that problem.

  6. Emmy says:

    Some weeks at work are just like that. I imagine your job is more stressful than most anyway! I love that you’re working with a trainer. They don’t kid around but they get results!

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