Fundraising Dilemma

So I have a Huge dilemma here, with fund raising.  Because I had not had much success completing a Marathon, this year I didn’t ask for donations or anything.  I just wanted to finish.

Now….I would really like to “use” my November race as a vehicle for raising some money for Charity.  But I am soooo torn!

There are so many deserving bunches of people out there.

Currently I am involved in trying to help raise Money for my Friend Brian to have a Bone Marrow transplant.  Through that I have met up with a new friend, also a runner, who has a brother who also needs a Bone Marrow Transplant….and there is so far, not a match for him.  So there is that.


Beyond that….I have toyed with the idea of teaming up with my Cousin to raise money to combat MS.   My cousin, who is a remarkable person, has MS.   She is the Mom of three very sweet and active children and the wife to one Hard working fellow.  She is one of the most creative people I know and while she is into things that I think are a little “out there”  (Ren faire…)  I respect that she continues to live a great life despite her ailment which is at this point, quite severe.

Then there is also the race itself, which raises money for Wells in Kenya, another great cause.

I raised money before for Doctors without Borders…But since I never got any acknowledgement of the money, I got a little concerned about using the JustGiving site…..but it may have been MSF itself with sloppy record-keeping.

So what to do, how to choose.  They all are worthy.  but what is going to make the greatest impact?


7 thoughts on “Fundraising Dilemma

  1. I think I’d go with family. You can raise money later on for your friend who needs bone marrow; you could perhaps do that independently from any races.

    • Well, it’s a little hard to raise money for my friend who needs bone marrow later, as he is already pretty much dying without it. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true. But luckily due to some nicely placed signs etc, the money does seem to be coming in for that….

  2. I would have to agree with Carol. Family is always first for me. And after that, friends. And beyond that, my community/local causes. It might seem very self-centric, but my personal feeling is that by limiting my scope I can do more good as an individual (which doesn’t mean I don’t still try to bring other causes to people’s attention from time to time).

    Regardless of what you choose to do, I love that you are using your running as a way to help.

  3. I think I’d lean towards your cousin, too — that sounds like a really great goal/tribute.

    We have given to Doctors Without Borders and have received follow-up acknowledgement, but I can’t remember through what venue we contributed.

  4. I’m not big on the family-first thing, if only because my relatives are mostly well-off and are actually quite greedy. But I’d prefer to give my effort and money to where it’s needed the most. It sounds like your friend who needs the bone marrow transplant could use the money immediately, so I guess that’s where I’d help.

    I also prefer to give locally: I donate not only money but needed items like old towels and blankets to our local Humane Society, and always feel I’ve done a lot of good for the animals there. I’ve given money to the national ASPCA as well, but I’m less sure of where it’s going, especially since they deluge my mailbox with items like return address stickers and notepads that I don’t need. I sometimes think the national charities spend more money on fundraising than on the people or animals they’re supposed to be helping.

    • Oh yes, I would agree especially about the ASPCA. They seem to spend quite a bit on tear jerking ads. I’m probably going to be adopting 2 kittens from a friends litter, and yes not from the shelter, but…these are then 2 kittens hwo will nto end up in the shelter…

      As far My cousin, she is actually the organizer of a Fantasy Ball each year that donates all proceeds to an MS research fund, the money would not go to her directly, as she personally needs no money, just a cure.

      I am assuming by November Brian will have either had the transplant or will have passed. THe goal date for him is August. What a Mess!

  5. Personally, like you, I’d be concerned about any organization that didn’t provide me with an account for my donation. If it were me I would focus on taking care of your friend. That way you would know where your hard-earned money was going and you have the benefit of hopefully seeing the positive outcome over time.

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