Daylight Savings Time

The adjustment is not going well for me.   😦   sooo miserabe!


7 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time

  1. Ugh! I remember those days! We don’t have that here in AZ because we don’t really need an extra hour of sunlight when it is 110+ outside. 😉

    Hang in there! The weekend is right around the corner.

  2. I generally have a harder time adjusting in the Spring than I do in the fall. This year it hasn’t been so bad, but that may have more to do with it being spring break and not having a job means that I can sleep in. So, I haven’t had to adjust too much. Check back with me this time next week and we will see how well I’ve adjusted.

  3. Emmy says:

    Didn’t Congress extend it in 2007? I think it’s such a bad idea. Not good for melatonin benefits at all!

  4. I was in Australia when America sprung forward so my body clock was already out of whack (and they do not go back on the same w/end as we go forward). Since coming back here though the weather has been like winter (complete with snow flakes!) so it seems really weird to have it be so cold and yet bright light in the evenings.

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