March Updates

Well, March seems to have roared in like a lion, and has not been really really pleasant.  AND  it isn’t even over.

WORK:  Work has been still the same.  Overcrowding in the hospital and very high acuity patients.  We are all very grumpy, including the patients.  Lately we have come in to work and our tracking board is “all black”  which is the color that the patients “box”turns when the pt gets admitted.

This is a semi-humorous typical tracking board, used in some form by most emergency departments…. So when we see black, We get concerned.  If all the Emergency beds are full at 7 am, where are we supposed to put the new emergency patients? So…been difficult.  Things though seem to be fine with me.  I have been doing alright, as far as I know.  I think I may start to Celebrate Easter like Christmas.  As most of the snowbirds head North after Easter.  SO Hallelujah for Jesus rising!!!!!  and the Easter Bunny!!!!

RUNNING has been insane.  Due to work, I’ve been a little off kilter and have not been sleeping well.  Which makes getting up nice and early difficult.  I started with my new trainer about 2 weeks ago.  He is killing me, in a good way.   Probably the most valuable thing he’s done for me is stick me on the treadmill, and jack it up to unbelievable speeds and inclines. I hate it.  I am running better now though.  He finally realized today that I am actually scared.  I really am not good with the feeling of difficulty breathing.  So I start to panic.  He actually is pretty good at talking me through things.  So we’ll see.

I’m working hard, and I am happy to spend some time with someone else who really likes the run…he is doing his first 50 Mile race in a couple of weeks, so I am excited to hear about it.

So, worth every Penny.  I’m seeing a lot of improvement.  and I am tired as all get out.

What else is going on?  Well.  Teulu is driving me nuts.   He somehow got bit on the face while playing with some other dogs at the vet.  So now he had a small sore on the face which he consistently pick at.  So….he is wearing the collar of shame….and it is getting somewhat better.  I need to get him groomed, I think it might help.  I have been grooming him, a little here and there.

Still waiting on the house sale.   And waiting on some new kitten photos.

I swear it’s been an exciting and difficult week or so….but really when I get aorund to describing it…it just seems not worth writing about!



4 thoughts on “March Updates

  1. Awww! Poor Teulu – that happens to Moo sometimes (the nicks). I think they knock heads into teeth when they rough-house.

    That is awesome to hear about your trainer! It sounds like he is really good at what he does. This weekend I am determined to get out to the local Y and check it out…

  2. Sounds like you’ve been busy! You’ll have to keep us posted in how the personal training is going. That sounds really intense but I bet you’ll get great results from it.

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