Winter Park Road Race Report

I got a surprise Saturday off and decided to go and run the race on Wednesday or Thursday.  This is going to be a bit of an odd race report, so…be prepared.

I was a little nervous about the whole thing because I had not been preparing for this race at all and had not planned on running it, but a lot of people I know through the Daily Mile website were running it and it looked like fun.

Early this morning I logged on to get directions and such, only to remember that the race was going to be run on Brick roads.  Had I known that I probably would have avoided it.  But since I had told so many people I was going, I decided to go off and run it.  So off I went with my instant Starbucks Via in hand and my cliff bar.

The Via is an instant coffee with some flavoring.  I actually did not have time to make a full pot of coffee.  I forgot though that the Via is a lot stronger than my regular coffee.  The race site was about 1 hour or so away so by the time I got there my stomach was giving me many many emergency signals.   I almost had to stop the car on the side of the road that would not have been pretty.

I got there and met up with some of the Daily Mile people, and other friends.  I felt a little strange as I was already not feeling that hot.

I also filled out the form and did my race day entry.  They had run out of Mediums, which was fine by me, I said I’d take a large.  WOW!  large was LARGE!  I probably looked disappointed, because the lady sort of gave me a bit of a lecture “Thats why you should register before race day…”  which I found to be a little “School-marm-ish”  but I just smiled at her and explained that I hadn’t had the day off before a few days ago…The shirt I will send to my Dad, as he willlove it and it really was enormous!  I put all that stuff back in the car, bought another coffee (yes, I know..why?)  and hung out while people ran the 2 mile race.   There were some great folks in the Local Panera and I enjoyed chatting with them.

I have to admit, I was hoping for a PR.  I love the 10K race.  I think it is the most wonderful distance ever.  Unfortunately many people do not seem to love it and there are always many more 5K races.  While I was interested in a PR, I found I could not formulate a plan for the race at all.  I was already feeling intimidated by the bricks and was in general feeling queasy.

I stood in line for the bathroom for forever, and finally got to use it again 5 min before race start.  I got to the start and again had really pleasant conversation.   The Air horn went off and we walked to the start!  It took me over a minute to walk to the start.  It was a very full race!

The first maybe half mile was on the bricks. I focused a lot on my feet and watching where I was putting my feet.  My time was around an 11:40ish pace which was kind of where the quasi idea of what pace I should run was.  I had thought i’d be faster.  At the half mile point or so we transitioned for a bit to asphalt.. Hallelujah!  My pace sped up and I felt better.

Throughout the race the course alternated between the brick streets and the regular asphalt road.  That was not pleasant at all, but at least it alternated!  The scenery around this area is lovely but I had to really concentrate on my steps.  I really can’t complain though because I knew the course was that way ahead of time.

I finished up mile 2 in an 11:28 or so pace.  Lately I have been running the first 2 miles of any run under a 12 min pace, and then dropping to some sort of sub 13 pace. So mile 3 I wanted to stay on track, and I was able to finish it also under 12 mins.

Because it was such a big race, I never felt lonely…as I sometimes can.  There were people around chatting and running and walking.  I did take a few walk breaks, but I was able to keep the pace under a 12 min mile up until mile 6, when I just started to feel a little tired.  Mile 6 was done in 12:16.  One thing I did do differently was to plow into the finish line.  I usually just sort of jog it in, but today I was hoping for the PR and I decided that it really was stupid to hold back, I mean…it is the end!  So I finished.  I did PR by about 2 minutes, which was spectacular.  I was pretty happy with my time, and what not. I was enjoying seeing people I knew. My last 10K had an average pace of a 12:11 mile.  This one had a pace of an 11:47 mile.  so there really is some improvement.

Then voila…..a lady came across the finish line completely stumbling and having to be held up by two men.  Because I am a nurse, I walked over there and tried to help.  I am still not really sure what was wrong with her.  Another medical person came over and took her pulse and said it was really really high, but I took it and it was fast but not that crazy for someone who has just run 6 miles.  I said, well…it seems ok given that she just did the race.  So then the other person decided the pulse was irregular.  maybe, I didn’t really think so, but anything is possible.  We laid the lady down on a bench and someone called for medical.  The woman was talking through the event, and alert and oriented.  I felt a little useless without my tools….and it seemed to take EMS forever to get there.  In the mean time, a few more folks started vomiting post race nearby.  (Remember, I was already having stomach issues.) So…I’m trying to figure out what I can do with this lady, we are tucking cold water behind her head and pouring it on her…and I am not really sure what’s going on.  I am trying to figure out how she was able to ambulate 6 miles and then suddenly as soon as she crossed the finish line, could not walk.  Lucky for me medical help did arrive, and I do hope she was OK. I left when they arrived as there was frankly nothing I could do for her, they had all the equipment, and one thing I KNOW  they hate is a bunch of people saying “I’m a nurse”  and trying to give them direction.  Even if you aren’t trying to give direction, they tend to see it that way.   I’ve thought about all the different things that could have happened to her… One of my friends texted me to ask me how she was and I very insensitively replied that I thought she should have stuck with the two mile race.  Clearly I do not know this lady’s story, or what was really going on, so I probably should not have said that.  I have also obviously spent too much time at work as of late.  I have had precious few days off, and so the last thing I really wanted to do was do the very same thing I’d do at work…I did stay with her until the appropriate help arrived- the whole time I felt like an idiot, because what could we do?  Pour water on her, and try to get her to consume water.  But I still feel like I could have been more caring or something.  She had me confused because she seemed so alert, but then was flopping her body all over the place and couldn’t really say any symptoms.  So she must have been dehydrated, which tends to make people a little off.  I kept trying to get her to drink, but more than likely she needed an IV.

After that event, I suddenly felt less like celebrating, so instead of going to the after races booths, I just went home, had lunch and yes…WENT to the GYM.  Did a little weights work and swimming.

And NOW.  My stomach… is still giving me all sorts of excitement.  I am not really sure how that is going to resolve.  We have had several people call out with it.  And I am supposed to volunteer tomorrow at an event.  I think I am going to have to cancel my volunteering….which I hope will be no issue, and I assume not since they already have a medical team.


So I have a PR.  I enjoyed meeting some new people. I enjoyed seeing my old friends, but I feel extremely sick and frustrated regarding the lady…well frustrated, about the woman.  and sick to my stomach at the same time.  I feel as if I came off as a bit judgemental and such, but I did not intend to…We Emergency Nurses have seen a lot and so on occasion things that should impress us, just don’t…

So there is my race report.

I will try not to do this race again next year.  It has a great T shirt and the energy level and vibe was super.  My only issue was really with the brick streets.

SO Yay for PR.  Boo on people feeling bad after racing.


7 thoughts on “Winter Park Road Race Report

  1. Hope you are feeling better now. I’m sure that lady was grateful to have you there even if you weren’t sure what was wrong with her.

    Congrats to you for finishing another race. Take it easy if you still aren’t feeling well. Maybe you need some rest as well.

  2. Congratulations on the PR. I’d be worried about twisting my ankle running on bricks – (though I can twist my ankle just *walking*! 🙂 ).

    Hope your stomach has settled down now and hope the lady has recovered from whatever was wrong.

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