Life’s little updates

It’s hard to know what I want to write about the last week or so.

Lets see.

Work is continuing to be a B*@%#.  Easter is coming and I have seen a drop in admissions.  Most of the staff is touting doom and gloom predictions, that this is “the new norm”!  I think though that we have been using the “hall beds” less and less so we are maybe going to get back to normal for June through August, and then…come October, everything is going to be horrific again.

I’ve been having to take the high acuity assignment much of the time, and I do not really enjoy it.  They tell me that it’s because I can handle it, but I don’t particularly want to handle it.  I have stopped signing up for so much overtime though so in a few weeks, I hope to be back to a 36 hour work week, and I hope that will help me feel more positive about work.  Because like it or not, Work is not optional.

Working with the trainer has been really really great.  I’m really starting to feel stronger.  I do wish I could lose just a wee little bit of the weight, but I am assuming that it will eventually come once I start to eat some real food.  We are still doing the speed work, and I am still hating it, but I am at least not panic-ing so much.

lets hope I dont end up like this!!!  I do think I am starting to understand the concept of speed and how to obtain it.  I’m also working out really much harder than I have in a long time.  I feel it in my feet and ankles and etc.  I need to be really careful to not hurt myself!

Because of the increased time at the gym….I’m starving all the time.  All I really want to eat though is total junk.  Frozen Pizza, Clif bars, ramen noodles, donuts!   I guess since April has a donut day…it’s ok, but really.

No wonder I remain the same weight!!!!  people do keep asking me though how much weight I have lost.

Our Hospital Insurance approved some sort of quackery Weight loss plan that involves injections of a variety of substances, and eating crazy low amounts like 500 calories a day…  so, tons of people are now on the plan and losing some weight, though, frankly speaking…anyone eating 500 calories a day should lose weight, injection or no.  They are also…well, somewhat more irritable and distractable.  I think they are hungry.   People are always shocked when I tell them I didn’t do the plan.  I just you know, ate more properly…and ran.

Hopefully over the next few weeks, if my job stress abates…I can start to eat more normally.  I have been eating spinach from the bag directly, and that I am sure helps, but really….frozen pizza.

Otherwise….Since I will not be purchasing a home this year, I am considering updating my couch and obtaining a hammock with a stand for my deck.

whoo Hoo.  Boy I feel like I need to get a bit more “something”  in life here!!!


6 thoughts on “Life’s little updates

  1. I like the hammock idea. I need one of those. Who am I kidding? I have access to a porch swing and only use it about three times a year. I think that has to do with motion sickness as it does the heat. I hate that swinging or even gentle swaying makes me so headache-y and nauseous.

    I can’t imagine only eating 500 calories a day. I’d be sick in no time at all. yay for not following the crowd and doing things not only your way, but the better way.

  2. What’s a donut day? Sounds great. When we were recently traveling in California, I noticed that they have a great many independent donut shops. That isn’t tru here in the Chicago area. It is mostly Dunkin’

  3. Good for you for slowing down the work schedule. With your type of job I bet it would be easy to get burnt out. 500 calories a day? That doesn’t sound healthy. Any weight lost on that I’m sure will be put right back on and then some. They must be starving. You seem to have it figured out though. While frozen pizza may not be the healthiest, there are certain a lot of things that are a lot more unhealthy. Plus, you run. (Loved the cartoon, btw).

    The hammock sounds wonderful. 🙂

  4. From my own experience, there is no quick and easy to shed weight; it al comes down to losing more calories than you take in.

    BTW think you made a wise choice in bailing on that house tat came with an HOA. Again from my own experience NEVER buy a home in a HOA.

  5. Just what I needed to read this morning- you’re inspiring me.

    Odd that a hospital would approve what sounds like an unsustainable weight loss plan. You’re on the right track there- getting more active and eating real food. You have the former and I have the latter- it would be so nice if there was a way to share the benefits! 🙂

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