My Chronic Hip

Well, I finally have some time to write about this.  Though I hardly have any actual news.  I have had some pain in my left hip/groin area since at least November.  I remember this only because I told my Dad that I must have pulled my Sartorious Muscle.  Except for the fact that the Sartorious runs all the way down to the knee and my pain pretty much stopped in my groin, it was a pretty good call.  I was initially frustrated because the pain was sort of deep in the body and icing it was difficult.   Over time the pain did not improve, but it also did not get worse.  So I ran on it.  I ran the Half in December, I ran the full in February and another half in March.  I was pretty well set on continuing to avoid the fact that my hip/groin hurt all the time.  The pain is not severe, it just is enough for me to know all the time that I have a hip, if you know what I mean, I am always aware of it.

My trainer noticed though at the gym that I am completely unable to do this:

I simply can not lift my left leg up like this.  I can draw it up and I can run and walk.  So He suggested in a very strong manner that I go see our local new hotshot Orthopedic guy.

New Orthopedic guy was very informative.  It appears from my symptoms that I may have torn my Hip Labrum, which is sort of a cartilage fibrous band in the hip that helps stabilize it.  It was fairly amazing how he ticked off most of my symptoms as symptoms of this injury.

THe Cure?   A big bad surgery.

So today I started the process of getting it diagnosed.  I have an Arthrogram and then an MRI.

It was pretty scary for me and incredibly exhausting.  I had the procedure from 7:30 to about 10:15 in the morning and then went home and slept almost all the day.

This should show a video of the procedure…

At one point he hit a nerve briefly and there was an intense sharp electrical pain down in my knee.  After that the physician put in a huge amount of marcaine/numbing agent and I was really not able to feel very much.  He was very nice and allowed me to see all the images of my hip on the screen as he worked and he seemed very relaxed.  At the end he said he was extremely glad and surprised that he was able to do the procedure at all because I seemed a bit nervous.  I was terrified, but lesson learned long time ago is that its fine to be afraid, it is not fine to move.

After the arthrogram, I went down to MRI.  Oddly and sadly they decided to put me in the tube Head first.   I really think they could have done it the other way round, but apparently they would have had to recalibrate the machine.  So…I made it about 15 mins through the 35 min procedure and then I started to move my head.  I figured it was not so closely connected to the hip.  Not true.  By doing that I bought myself another 20 minutes to repeat the part I messed up.  I simply never opened my eyes so I had no chance of having a bad reaction to the small space, but I still knew it was tiny and I felt like I gasped through the scan.  But thankfully it was soon over.  and I went home.

I had plans to go swimming or go to spin class with a friend last night, but I really could not get it together.  My Hip feels very odd,  it is still full of the contrast and my leg is still a tiny bit numb, so Instead, I slept all day long.

I will have an appointment some time next week to find out the results, though I might just cheat and go sign out my own report when it is done.  I hate to wait!


12 thoughts on “My Chronic Hip

  1. Ow! I can see now why you commented on my blog post yesterday and said you could relate. But, your injury is different and, unfortunately, worse than mine. I hope that you can get the hip taken care of via laproscopic surgery. I hear that is the new way now. Good luck. I hope things improve for you soon.

    • Thanks Carol! I dont know about worse. I reall only have mild pain. and who needs to raise a leg like that anyway.

      they do arthroscopy now, but the recovery is still forever long, so…I’m not very excited. But I try to be positive!

  2. Hooooly cow, that arthrogram looks painful. As I get older, it gets harder for me to sit still for the various tests orthopedic doctors put one through. I used to be very relaxed during MRIs, but now I have to do deep breathing exercises to keep from leaping out in a panic, maybe because I’ve been through one too many of them.

    A while back, a doctor told me that running was hard on the lower part of the female body because our legs and hips move in a diagonal manner (a swaying motion, I guess you could call it), which creates a lot of stress on the joints. Did your doctors ever mention this? I wondered if it was even true.

    • He did not mention this, but that is an odd comment. My legs- which have been videotaped and analyzed- do not move in a swaying motion, and the majority of runners I know do not have legs that move in a diagonal manner! There are a few that do and we say this about them… “Bad form!” I think that MD was probably trying to say a few different things. Women do have different hips and things like pregnancy can cause different issues with them, which can be hard on joints and such, but…well, who knows.
      It was not too painful except for the nerve he tweaked, which continues to be painful today… Probably a good thing though I could not see what he was doing. and I didnt see the video until after!

    • I have really flipped out. As you know Anne, I’ve had a bunch of injuries…but this one apparently is much more complicated than the usual “Rest” or “Physical therapy” but we will see. I am going to take it one day at a time.

  3. Know what an MRI does, but did not realize it is also used to look at mucsle tissue. I hear you on the pain. Pulled my hamstring once in cold weather playing lacrosse, fell down to the ground as if I had been body checked. Took about a year before I could walk without pain.

    • MRI is great for looking at muscles. In my case they are actually looking for some sort of cartilidge. I suppose I will be able to sign out the report from the hospital on Monday. Follow up is on Wednesday!

  4. Yow — I am not envying you right now. I’m not sure that I could lift my leg up like that either, though I think it’s a lot more about being sedentary….

    Good luck — and I would totally pre-look at my results!

    • Wow Steve! I bet you can lift your leg like that, at least once. You arent really sedentary, Penny sees to that! They say Dog owners are often weighing less just because we must get off our duffs daily…

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