Continument of the Chronic Hip

I had moment and I finally did go and sign out my report.  I have the appointment tomorrow afternoon with the Orthopedist, but I finally decided I couldn’t wait.  I figured, I am a nurse, right, I can read a report.

I can read the report, but I am unsure of what it means entirely.  I do think I am going to end up having another MRI.

My Labrum is not torn, according to the MRI!  Yaaay!

The report though goes on to say there is some swelling involving the lesser trochanter and the adjacent left proximal femur.  I couldn’t find an image with just a normal hip. but there is the lesser trochanter, and the femur…

So ignore the arthritic hip.  my hip is not arthritic.

Apparently the swelling is mostly located at the insertion point of the iliacus muscle which is a muscle I must have learned but couldn’t recall….  If is really interesting to me how this muscle looks like a fan…

Here is a great image of it with the insertion and everything marked, I also love the interactive features... I am a NERD.

Anyway.  The radiologist seems to think this is some sort of an “avulsion injury”  Of course I hit Google right away with the term.  It appears that an avulsion injury is one in which the ligaments sort of tear off a small piece of bone.  Usually it is seen on Xray, and I have had xrays….but they say sometimes if it is small it needs an MRI.

The usual treatment seems to be treating it like a sprained ankle.  In some instances Surgery is required.  I don’t know what the “deal” is.

I have pain.  Indeed the pain is exactly where the radiologist saw the swelling.

I could have another small fracture, given that my bone density is OK, but not great.

I really do not think sitting around for 3 weeks is going to improve that, because I really basically did that already.

Well.  I am annoyed.  There are so many fun races that I so want to do!  I hope the good Dr Brcka has a plan for me, that involves movement.   More tomorrow.

And of course my injury would be in the MOST awkward spot I could think of….grrr.  Put some flesh on that bone and you will see what I mean.


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