Life’s Updates, including Hip!

As I get older, and older, life seems to be on Fast Forward!  It really is driving me nuts.   I feel as if I never have time for anything anymore, when I do in reality have time, I just dont always make the best use of my time.

Anyway.  I had a nice long discussion with Dr Brchka about my problematic hip.   Even though the MRI does not show any tear, there does seem to be some impingement on the hip ~ which basically means that there is not a lot of room for my hip to move in the way that hips normally do.  He seems to still want to go in there and “clean it up and give your hip some more room to move normally” .  I opted for a little bit of PT and coming back in a few weeks.  We will see.  My biggest relief is that I do not need surgery right now, unless the pain becomes unbearable.  I figure my hip has been this way for many many years, hopefully it will not worsen.

So now, I have to add in PT to the rest of my little life obligations.  At least the PT lady allowed me to chose my PT person. I chose a guy that I know from the hospital who was very friendly to me when he saw me at the desk.  Hopefully he will remain as such!

Work is work.  It has been steadily improving as the flocks of snowbirds are headed in the correct direction.  We are now rarely treating anyone in Hall beds and this is a great relief to us and probably the patients as well.  I’ve been almost enjoying my patients again.

I took care of a man who was only slightly older than I with Lou Gherigs disease a few days back.  He could not move his arms at all.  He was a pleasant person and of course had to be fed and helped with the most basic of functions.  While I was taking care of him my hip was giving me a lot of pain, but I was reminded of how excellent my life is in comparison!

Next week I have 3 days off in a row!  I can not wait.  I think one will have to be a go to the beach day!!!  And of course one day for Cleaning deeply the hovel.

My Orlando Magic are not doing well in the playoffs, and that has been disappointing, but not really expected.  The team was not coherent this year, though they did well enough.

I have a new financial advisor.  He is the one my parents use and so far seems to have been extremely diligent and good for them.  More on that later.

My running, despite all this crazy injections and such, seems to be improving.  I am taking more minutes off itmes and have been enjoying the newfound feeling of running fast-er.

More later on that as well.  more more more….


7 thoughts on “Life’s Updates, including Hip!

  1. I am glad you don’t need surgery, but I am also glad the doc is willing to do the clean-up in there if needed. My sister had to have arthroscopic surgery on her knee to clean up excess cartilage that was causing lots of pain and problems in that joint – the recovery for that was super quick. Hopefully they could do the same for your hip if it comes to that. And I am SO glad you can still run! YAY!

    I really really really am going to check out the gym near here either this afternoon or tomorrow sometime. (My schedule today got a little crazy, but I am determined to go.)

    • I would have thought he would want me to stop, but I think he knows this one Marathon is special to me. The PT is at my gym, so as it turns out, it will actually be me, my coach and my PT guy formulating a plan. and hopefully executing it successfully!!! The whole thing has me very on edge, but I think it is a good sign I need to do something else….like quilting or something.

  2. Glad to hear that you don’t need surgery. I hope PT is all you’ll need and that will bring you some relief. Yay for three days off from work! I hope you are able to get that beach day in. 🙂

  3. Take care. I would avoid surgery as long as possible. My observation is that whenever a doctor says they will “clean it up a bit” that it rarely helps in the long run and often makes it worse. Best wishes.

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