More little Updates

So more updates.  It’s a good thing that I am not blogging for money or anything because this is Booooring!
So whats new?
Work has finally settled down!   Easter  and the very incredible heat wave….seems to have allowed our older snowbirds to fly North.  whatever has done it….It is much nicer to go to work again.  We have some good new staff, and I hope they stick around.  I can not believe how much better I feel about going to work these days.  We still have some patients holding in the ED, but it is no where near as crazy as it has been.  So  Deep sigh of relief until about October…when everyone decides to go South again!
I have totally screwed up my taxes!  This morning when I was putting a call into my finance guy, I found another W2 for 2010 that I did not report.  I had thought my income total was a little low and my refund HUGE, and now I know the reason why.  Luckily my finance guy explained that all I really have to do is to go to somewhere and get a little help with filing an amended return.  Worst thing is that the huge refund has hit my account and I am terrified of it.  I do not know what to do.  I don’t want to spend it, nor put it in savings where it might earn like 2 cents of interest.  So hopefully, I can get this solved in 2-3 days.  I first called H and R block but the lady on the phone actually sounded so pedantic and uncooperative that I decided to go with Jackson Hewitt, but now they never called me back, sooo.  I will tackle it again tomorrow.  I have been told though that I shall not go to jail so that is nice!! But what a colossal waste of time…
The Orlando Magic are not  doing too well….they are now poised to make history  or togo down in ignomy for the year.
I started my 30 week marathon training plan this week.   I actually have been very obsessed with this upcoming race, which is sooo far away.  I have had 3 days off and I have been trying to clean everything and stock up on stuff like toilet paper so I don’t get distracted.  I was feeling pretty good about this, UNTIL I discovered my Tax snafu.  Ahh well.   On to running.
I think my blog may have been found by one of the Physical Therapists at the gym because last week when I was working out with the coach he made some sort of comment about “Nothing to blog about today?”  which made me laugh but then I wondered.  Ahhh well, there is not much that is private in here though it did feel weird that someone I only peripherally know might be reading this.  Complete strangers no problem, but people I interact with regularly,  well thats odd.
Running is going along well.  I am still moving along faster.  My hip gets agitated  when I do a lot of speed work on the treadmill, so I have only been doing a little bit of it.  I start PT on Friday and I hope that improves some things.  So far I feel pretty good about things…There are a few really fun races coming up in May so I am pretty hopeful for some good times.
Except I am really really tired all the time.   It dawned on my today that it is probably my diet.  It was been so horrendous.  I really did not make the connection until today….and then all of a sudden it dawned on me that all that Easter sugar and such…might be why I just want to sleep.
So I am going to improve my diet…and continue to work on getting more rest.
So Onward!

4 thoughts on “More little Updates

  1. I agree with the people reading your blog thing… I’m not weirded out by friends or total strangers reading it, but if I find out peripheral acquaintances have read it, it’s a little strange!

  2. Glad to hear things are calming down at work. I hope the marathon training is going well and that your hip is better after the PT. I hear you about it being strange for people you know to read your blog. I have a feeling a friend of mine found mine as well. Why she hasn’t just come out and said so I don’t know. She made a few references back that have me wondering. Weird.

    Bummer about your taxes! I hope it won’t be too big of dent on your return. At least you caught in now before they did because they will add on all kinds of interest and penalties, etc…

  3. Oh, by the way. If you associate your email address that you give people with your blog, anyone can search on it and your blog will come up. I found that out the hard way while on vox.

    Now I have one separate email address for my blog. Just remembered that info and thought I’d pass it on.

  4. Glad to hear work is smoothing out. Sounds like you have found a good place with your running. Good luck on improving your diet, etc. We are doing that too and it’s difficult–tiny steps are best, I guess.

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