Marathon Training

I have officially finished off my first week of my 30 week program for Marathon training and kind of started the second week.   The first week was not exactly easy.  Due to my work schedule, I ended up running the 5 days in a row, which is not something I like to do.  I’m all for running one day on, and one day off.

By the end of the week, I ended up going to sleep around 7:45 at night and found it still difficult to get up at 4:30 am!

Still, it got done and I  am pleased that I was able to complete it.

On Friday I went to my first PT evaluation.  The PT that we originally scheduled was out sick, and I ended up with I think his bride to be.  She was alright, but I actually found her to have one of those personalities that I don’t really like.  In other words, she had very little sense of humor, and I could tell she is not a distance runner, and doesn’t quite have the understanding that her Husband to be had earlier demonstrated. All that said, I think she is really skilled and intelligent, and luckily it would appear that they have scheduled me with her Hubby to be, who I think seems to understand me better.  She reminded me of someone…and it may have been someone I didn’t like, so  that may have been the issue as well, which is unfortunate as she was fine. I think also I have a great deal of anxiety regarding the hip and the training.

Anyway  She wants me to run no more than 4 miles as a long run for 2 weeks.  Today I was going to run 6, but I have to admit when I got out on the trail at about 2.2 I started to feel heavy legs, so I turned around and ran home, so todays long run was 4.4.  Depending on how I feel I may attempt to do a bit of a longer run sometime this week, but I may not.

I also got two new things to do for the hip.

Hip Hikes:

These are pretty painful to me, and apparently my glutes are not too strong.

And bridges:

Its a funny thing.  I can do the bridge itself pretty easily, but doing it one legged, just about kills me, so she said just to do the regular bridges.

She also wants me to start doing some ellipitical/bikes/aqua jogging.  I kept trying to get her to explain to me how pool jogging is any better for the body than regular swimming.  As always she, like everyone else, was not able to give me a compelling reason.  She said, “well it gives you the sensation of running, but in the pool”  I know that people have successfully trained for Marathons doing pool running, but those are the superstars of the sport.  I’ll ask the other therapist.  I will try to do a spin class eventually, I am terrified of the spin class…the music they play is obnoxiously loud outside the room, sooo inside the room it will be worse, plus I am afraid I may not keep up, or that the repetitive motion may make the hip worse, but I can try it.

I’m definitely sold on the new activities.  They are very simple, but seem to be working.

I’m just not really sold on the running less…though we shall see if it helps, or if I am actually able to run a little less.

I’ve also decided that I need to start tracking my food again on NutriDiary.  I have been hovering at the same overweight weight for MONTHS.  One would think that with all the activity I do it would fall off, but I guess I have been eating like a Horse or something.  TIme for some healthy foods.

I did make an Awesome Turkey Lasagna this week!   I got the recipe from my Word Press neighbour Akamonsoon….Here is the recipe.  It was really really easy to prepare and was so so tasty.  I’ve been eating it all week!!!!   Akamonsoon also has other recipes, if anyone is interested.

My friend and I looked up all sorts of entertainment for our trip to Upstate NY for my Half Marathon in October!   There are river boat cruises, and autumnal leaves and antiques places, so we expect to have a grand old time.  In addition I found a spa located there that looks heavenly for after.  I just Hope that we can get my times down some more before the half and full.  Things seem promising so far…


7 thoughts on “Marathon Training

  1. I tried the hip hikes just out of curiosity and discovered they’re a lot harder than they look. I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting lately, so maybe I’m getting “soft” in that area anyway, lol.

    But you’re far more active than I am and you’re having trouble losing weight? I’m in despair! It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, aerobics, all-veggie diet, a non-fat diet, Atkins, power walking…my weight stays the same. My GP said it was menopause, but even before that, I noticed my metabolism was getting sluggish. All I can hope for is not gaining any more pounds than I’m carrying now.

    • Yes, the Hip Hikes look So very easy…the nice thing is that after only 4 days they are getting much easier. Who knew.

      My main issue with weight loss is that I consume junk. When I follow a regular diet, which is one that includes a serving of each food group at every meal….
      Dairy/fruit or veg/ protein/and one carb I usually lose about half a pound to a pound a week. But I am terrible about following it. though…today I start again!

    • It is not that bad actually, But I may need your psychological expertise, I seem to hate Physical therapy, and it is making me a mean patient! I want to be a nice patient, which will make the PT invested in me, but instead I am a jerk! I dont get it.

      • 🙂

        I don’t know- the best solution would probably be to tell the PT that. ‘I’m so sorry if I’m being rude/abrupt- I don’t know what’s going on.’ They will likely understand that it’s due to the stress if the PT and invest in you anyway. Good luck!

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