Life’s Updates/Marathon Week 2.

Soooo  Week two of Marathon training is Over.  It was Crazy!

Work has really improved, we have essentially returned to a normal level of functioning and I am feeling much better for it.  We do still occasionally have some wait times and such but for the most part, we are not having to see many patients in the hallways, which has made things much easier.  I even got to go home ealry one day this week, which was like blissful to me!

I paid my amended taxes and saw via my account that the IRS had received the check and cashed it.  i feel more relaxed about that but won’t feel really relaxed until I get the letter asking for the interest that I owe them for keeping their money for about 10-20 days.  oops.  Of course, considering they kept my money all year…I think they owe me interest.

Running.  Wow.  What a week.

I never ran a long run this past week.  I was supposed to run 7.  My PT suggested I run 4 instead.  I ended up running 4.4.  My hip had started to feel much much better and I was feeling really positive about it,  but….there is always a but.

After the long run, I had a day of Hills scheduled.  What I was supposed to do was 3 hill repeats up a hill of about 0.25 of a mile.   When I glanced at the plan it seemed I was to do 3 miles of hill repeats.   So, I did 3 miles of hill repeats.  I got up early and since our weather has been relatively good…it was a perfect day for it. Every time I ran up the hill, I got to see the sun rise a little higher. it was fairly pleasant but exhausting.  I did the 3 miles, and came home.  I noted that my left hip, really felt horrible!  It was then that I saw the plan had 5 x hill as an advancement.  No way am I ever running 5 miles of hill repeats in a row.  After some hemming and hawing I consulted several people, and they all agreed there was never supposed to be 3 miles of hill repeats.  It was a bear of a workout.  I am still regretting it.  Though I seem to have gained some respect among some people….not my Physical Therapy people though.

I ran all the other runs, and due to my on going hip pain, I decided not to run the 5K race this weekend that I had been considering.

I also completed training sessions and a rather long PT session.  I have to say, as uncooperative as I am in PT, I feel like these Physical Therapists are probably the best I have ever experienced.  I actually sweat buckets doing some of the exercises and I know my hip area is getting more stable.  The PT did mention to me that if I keep re-injuring, re-stressing the hip, it will not really ever settle down.  The re-irritation of the three miles of hills was un-intentional.  But I got his point entirely.

He was also able to finally explain about the difference between pool running and just plain swimming.  While swimming works the abdominals, it’s uncertain how much, because a lot of how much has to do with form.  While my form is pretty good, I don’t know how good.  Pool jogging apparently always works the abdominals in good ways.  So I found a Pool Running Program to try to follow.  On days that I am supposed to be running hills, I will be doing one of these pool workouts.  I am concerned that the density of the water and such may actually also aggravate the hip, but…there is only one way to find out.  If I like it, I may just continue to do one session of pool running a week, since the impact is so low, and apparently the benefits are high with the resistance of the water.

My goal this week at PT is to be more cooperative.  I come off as a negative nancy, and it is totally unintentional.  I have a lot of negative feelings towards PT, and even though this time around I see that the things I am doing are actually working and they are pretty easy to replicate at home, I just get this recalcitrant, resistive attitude.  It can not be any fun for anyone.

I feel as if I am not progressing much in my training and speed, but since I have not really put the speed to the test for weeks now, I can’t definitively say that I am or I am not.   There is a new 10K next weekend which I am signed up for, and I look forward to seeing how I do at that distance.  Hope the course is flat.

The week I had without the hip pain was really lovely.  I am hoping with a bit more rest today and Sunday at work that I will be able to go back to that again!

I also have come to the conclusion that I really really need to lose some weight.   I started using again to count calories.  And WOW.   I am eating a ton of fat.  My calorie intake seems to always be off a bit but I make up for it by eating almost 56% of my diet from fat.  So I am working on altering that.  It has been a lot harder than I would have expected.  I have not exactly been eating tons of fast food or anything, but..there has been butter, olive oil, donuts, and a variety of other foods that are just basically fat with a doughy crust around them.  So, Hopefully next week I will have a loss.  THis week I managed to just stay even.  The Nutridiary has been great because it did allow me to see what the problem was immediately.  It isn’t that I am overeating per se, but I have been choosing some fairly bad choices for eating.  Back to salmon fillet, cream cheese-less bagels and no WHole milk in the coffee.

All in all, I think I am on track for White River.  It is just so far away that I have a hard time focusing on the goal, especially because I am now banned form hill repeats and Speedwork…Ah but pool running can be fun! I hope!


10 thoughts on “Life’s Updates/Marathon Week 2.

  1. Hi. Do you live in Orlando? I just noticed the Orlando Magic and hip labrum, which is funny b/c I live near Orlando and have been having hip problems for 3 years (FINALLY getting under control in the last 3 months). Good luck with your marathon running. 🙂

  2. I live pretty close to O-town, but in the opposite direction. My hip apparently is mal-formed, so we are trying to avoid surgery by doing the PT…but I’ll never be near as fast as you are!

    • I live in W.G. And you could easily run my pace, if you aren’t already, trust me. More miles. 🙂 I have learned a LOT about hips, surgery and alternatives. After kissing many, many toads, on the advice of one of numerous ortho surgeons I visited, I stumbled upon my 5th PT–and she has been a Godsend. Top sports therapist and really OCD herself (my opinion). Lemme know if you want a recommendation. I thought I was going to a top facility (Sports Specific Training, with many pro athletes), then an ortho surgeon told me that he has stopped working with over 150 local PT facilities (entire facilities) because they don’t work closely enough with patients. He sent me to Theresa, my current PT, who took me from not being able to walk without pain 3 months ago, to running 46 miles a week and climbing. Seriously. I missed your reply earlier b/c wordpress was sending to the wrong account but think I’ve sorted it out. Anyway, good luck to you. Don’t give up–hips can be fixed without surgery. I have a friend who had the surgery on both hips a few months ago and she is still struggling to walk and/or bike without pain. Be conservative IMHO.

  3. My doctor told me to avoid fats and baked goods while I was dieting, but being a vegetarian, it’s tough to find a replacement for olives, avocados, nuts, eggs and cheese. They’re what gives vegetarian food a lot of its flavor. I could try switching to Indian cuisine, but there’s enough carbs in that cooking to make Dr. Atkins roll in his grave.

    Donuts….I don’t know what to tell you. I love donuts, but I haven’t had one in three years. The last time was at a staff meeting when I was running late and skipped breakfast. I was so hungry I grabbed a raised glazed donut and practically stuffed it whole down my throat. The next morning, my weight jumped two pounds. Not because of one little donut, I know, but it didn’t help. I sure do miss them, though. *sigh*

  4. pool running?!?! ok I need to look at that link.

    Good luck with all the training and hope the hip feels better. I get hip pain now and I didn’t before but I noticed if I do a lot of stretching that it’s better for me.

  5. I think I get a lot of “sneaked-in” fat from snacks and things, though my meals tend to be pretty healthy. And I am a sucker for fat. And donuts, don’t get me started on donuts.

  6. I hope the pool running works out for you and won’t irritate your hip!

    I haven’t heard of Nutridiary but have been using Sparkpeople for a couple of months. It is amazing to see all your calories and other stuff all add up. I also was taking in too much fat and cholesterol and actually thought I had been eating healthy. Its amazing to see it all outlined for you.

    I saw that you enjoyed the turkey meatloaf. So glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

    • Can I admit Akamonsoon that I am on my third turkey meatloaf. I love the recipe…very easy and tastes great reheated. Can not wait for the meatloaf ones.

  7. Between my foot and my shoulder I’ve done a lot of PT over the last 3 years. I’m pretty sure they have my file marked up with “negative nancy” …. 🙂

    • Not you Emjay! You seem so positive! I was much better behaved at PT today. and luckily since I know the routeine now, there was a lot less talking.

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