Pre-Op appointments done!

I had all of my Pre-operative appointments today.
Dr Brcka was as always fairly reserved.  He spent a lot of time showing me how the procedure should work.  I have had confusion and concern because there is only a slight bone abnormality on the Xray and no actual identified Labral tear on the MRI.  I do however, have symptomatic pain, and had very nice relief from the injection we did a week ago. and once I increased my running this past week, I have started to have more pain and irritation, especially when sitting down.  Something about the 90 degree sitting angle just sets this off.
So as we were talking about it, I started to feel like a bit of a hypochondriac.
I really started to worry that I was going to have what is a fairly complicated procedure, and take a lot of time off, all to find out that nothing was wrong.
  So I asked him if he really felt good about the procedure.  He is one who plays cards close to the vest and does not ever say, “you need this”  I heard him with the Patient next door saying “You have to decide if you want to have the surgery or not.  We can treat you either way, but you need to decide what will work best in your situation.”  SO I expected him to say the same thing to me.
Instead he said, “well, I think something is in there, and I think you are doing the right thing”  I also found out from someone unconnected that he actually has turned down several patients since coming to our facility because he thought the outcome would not be beneficial, or that the injury could be treated with PT. Sometimes working in hospital has advantages.   Soooo…feeling slightly less crazy and more reassured, I went on to the pre-anesthesia appointment.
That went well, quick check of the BP, and some blood work, answer a lot of health questions.  The Nurse was extremely pleasant!  I love having good experiences at the hospital I work at!
So, All systems are a go.  And oddly All I keep thinking is , “THERE HAD BETTER REALLY BE SOMETHING WRONG IN THERE!!!!!”

4 thoughts on “Pre-Op appointments done!

  1. I’m sure everything will go well for you. I know it’s nerve-wracking to go through this. I’m going through the same feelings for my more minor procedure, so I can definitely relate. The big thing is taking care of yourself afterward–do as you would want any of your patients to do!

  2. That’s good that your surgeon has a reputation of turning some patients down who would not be good surgical candidates. There are some surgeons who operate on almost everybody who they see- I am sure you know what I am talking about. I don’t want to generalize, but it seems that orthopods and neurosurgeons are often some of the worst about this.

    After you are through with all of this- you will be back to running. Just think of it as a temporary setback. Comrades in 2013?

    • Definitly On for Comrades 2013. I have a few running and Non-running friends who want to come (Including possibly one native South African who could maybe help us not miss the good stuff!) so we could have a real “safari group” Would be lovely to meet you and your family.

      The surgeon is just out of a fellowship for Hip Arthroscopy, so I am certain he wants his reputation to be for good outcomes….which bodes well for me.

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