Losing Motivation…and Life’s little updates.

Well, its probably time for a life’s Little updates.

Work has been odd.  I had a week or two there right before and during decision to have the hip surgery done where I was a total pain in the rear to be around.  I was actually mean to people.  Since it is my blog I can say truthfully  I was set off by them being a little bit STUPID….Almost every instance occurred because something was not working like it was supposed to, or SOMEONE was not working like they were supposed to.  But…I think we are all supposed to smile and accept that people are stupid.

It would help I think if I had the perfect right to set them on fire.  Instead I just was mean mean mean to people.  For the most part the damage has been repaired.  Everyone seems to understand that I have been in pain and such.  Deep down though I just wish people would follow instructions, and function semi-effectively in their job.  I managed the last 2 shifts without any major frustrations or problems, so I am very pleased about that.  Although my annual evaluation is over 10 months away, I can see it will be an interesting one.

Since I have had the news that I am going out for surgey, alot of people have gotten my phone number to ask if they can help me in the future.  This include a few single guys in my Department and beyond at the hospital.  It’s a strange thing.  I am completely undecided if I want to try to enter into a relationship with any one them.  They are all nice and normal in appearance, but we don’t really seem to have much in common outside the hospital and the fact that we are human.  Like, my core values in life, don’t seem to be evidenced.  I mean yes, one guy and I both love R and B music, but really…so do a lot of people.  So I have not really made any decisions on that.  There is like 2 men I would love to date, but those men are not in the bunch that is handing out phone numbers….what to do exactly, I don’t know!  But they do all have my number!!!!  And If I fall and can not get up…well.

As far as running, I ran a lot last week and yesterday I had very intense ongoing bad hip pain.  today it is back down to a 2/10 or less and I found myself sleeping in and missing my last opportunity to race.  To be fair to myself, it is exceedingly warm and humid today and the race was over an hour from here with somewhat sketchy directions.  Sooo…I feel lazy and unfocused.  I have nothing to train for…so I find myself taking a moment and being very very lazy.  I do need to continue to exersise so I do not get large and so my mood does not completely plummet.

As for today the Rapture day…I plan on renting a carpet cleaner and shampooing the carpet.  yesterday I hung pictures from my travels.  I think I can say I am not ready for the rapture.


5 thoughts on “Losing Motivation…and Life’s little updates.

  1. If you are asking yourself questions before you even start a relationship, well, don’t start the relationship! The right one is always so right that there is no denying it. It feels right and comfortable. No questions needed. Don’t settle for anything less than quality as marriage lasts forever. Or at least it should!

    best wishes on the surgery.

  2. I’ve spent most of my life as a teacher, so I don’t think of people as being stupid. They just lack training , or I wasn’t specific enough in my directions. If, after they’ve been shown how to do stuff AND I’ve told them very specifically what to do, they still mess up, then they’re stupid. 😉

    (Yes, I know, some people have to be taught two or three times, but every year there was at least one student who acted like he had a sack over his head the whole hour he was in class. “What are we supposed to do? I didn’t bring a notebook. Or a pen. They’re in my car. Oh wait, I forgot them at home….”)

    But I think you would feel better if you just took it easy before surgery. I have to push myself to work out when my arthritis flares up: I can’t imagine running on a hip that’s causing me so much pain. Be nice to yourself.

    • OK, so it’s smart people doing really stupid things. The particular incident that reeally set me off was after listening to the charge nurse repeat something about 6 times in the morning meeting, the other nurse just went and did the opposite.

      Wierd thing about the hip is that it rarely hurts for more than 5-10 mins when running after that al sorts of endorphins kick in and it’s fine. Until later! Today for instance, it’s a very low level of pain, which makes me wonder what is really going on in there!

  3. You’ll never go wrong underestimating the intelligence of people, I’m afraid!

    I’m glad that you’re getting offers of help — too bad it’s the wrong guys! 😉

  4. I bet a lot of the people you work with probably understand that you are in a lot of pain right now. Well, here’s to hoping one of the ‘right guys’ will be giving you a call! 🙂

    You’re surgery is this Thursday, right?

    I spent Rapture day watching the Lady Gaga-athon on cable. LOL. And oh yeah, I went to the grocery store, too. Exciting.

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