Pain…going going gone?

I am having a terrifically Bizarro week!!!!

First crazy thing that has happened is that my friend who was to take me and help me after surgery ended up in the hospital having her Gall Bladder removed.  She is doing great now and feeling much better,  but I think we are going to use her adult daughter to help me out.

So I’ve spent a lot of time at the hospital.  It has not been too bad, lots of chatty time with her and I got to learn to play some fun games on the ipad.  Look up Amateur Surgeon…if you have an ipad or phone.  FUN FUN.

I also got to get to know her daughter more, and she is as much fun as her Mom, so I have a new friend.

On top of that, on Monday I suddenly woke up with ABSOLOUTELY no pain in my hip.  It was like a Miracle.  I could flex, I could rotate, I walked without a funny limp.  It felt like there was a field of space in my hip.  I’m not really sure why this amazing event occurred.  It of course freaked me out entirely and was difficult to read, as I had slept on my air mattress the night before and had a Lumbar spine ache…

I had taken almost 4 days off from running swimming and doing any gym exercises.  Just too busy with work, helping my friend, and seeing Pre-op people.

So I started to run again last night and did two small work outs today.  Indeed, some sort of hip pain is back.

But I keep wondering why and where is it coming from … I fell asleep on the air bed (set up in front of the TV for my recovery days.) again and woke up with a really crickety back…

Hip felt…OK.  Not 100% like on Monday.  I ran 2 miles this morning, and then worked a little, then helped my pal out of recovery…then I ran again a little bit.

It now hurts, but I am still not real sure how bad it hurts.  I am back on the regular bed though.

And When I questioned cancelling the surgery….I was reminded that I have been limping for about 9 months.

Big other news.  I had a bone scan today.  And Indeed I do have osteopenia.  Sad sad Panda.


6 thoughts on “Pain…going going gone?

  1. I’m sorry about the osteopenia – not something one wants to hear.

    That’s weird about your hip but you should not cancel the surgery. Once I was booked in for my foot surgery it started to feel *much* better and I thought maybe I didn’t need anything done – but of course that was not true. I think this is some psychological defence that fear brings out in us. Good luck with the surgery and rehab.

    • Aussie, that helps me. I am now in miserable pain! No motrin until after surgery, and tylenol well, is good for a headache, but not for anything else….I should have run less…

  2. Is it possible that because you gave yourself a break from the exercise that maybe that caused your hip to be less inflamed?

    Bummer about the osteopenia. I have to admit that Ijust looked it up to see exactly what it was. I had never heard of it before. It sounds like a precursor to osteoporosis. At least you found out now and where you are still young it can be reversed I’m guessing?

    I wish you the best of luck with your surgery (and if I remember correctly it is scheduled for tomorrow) and also with your recovery. 🙂

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