Post Surgery Report

Being that I am not even 24 hrs out of surgery, I am not so sure I should say this, but…this has been so far an excellent “Patient Experience”!

On Wednesday Evening my friend Kim was released from the hospital after having emergency GallBladder surgery.  Right after that she came with her daughter to pick up Teulu….That nearly became a disaster.  Teulu got wildly excited.  I tried to sit on him so that Kim could greet him, and ended up losing my balance and rolling all over the driveway.  Luckily Kim is not easily dissuaded.  They took him home and sent me this video?

of Teulu living it up…

Kim’s teen aged son Jeff and he seem to have bonded and are hanging out a lot.  After seeing the video, I was able to rest a lot easier.  Teulu created some new bruises.  I noted after surgery that my surgeon had been careful to mark them all with a purple pen, I think to document what I came in with…..he probably thinks I have a wildly exciting domestic life.

Of course I woke up at the crack of dawn.  I wanted really badly to go running one last time, but…decided against it as they moved my surgery time from 2 pm to 10:30 am.  Partly due to laziness and partly due to the immense amount of sweating that it would involve.  So instead…I participated in Self torture.

I went to It’s a local shop, may be a national chain, but ours is simply a family owned place that does donuts to die for and  White Castle Burgers.  I got 5 dozen donuts.  3 dozen for the OR team that was going to be working on me, and 2 dozen for the Emergency Department.  The shop is tiny and everything smelled soooo good and fresh.  It was really difficult.  I had always used the drive-thru before at Donut King, so seeing all of the varieties was really neat!

After that I went home and waited and waited for my ride to pick me up.  I piddled about some, tidy-ing and all that.  Kim and Sarah showed up right on time with their little day bags packed to play “Angry Birds” and Amateur Surgeon  all day long.  I and the donuts hopped in and we were off.

I was checked in by Pete, a guy I know from the gym, who took my three dozen delicious donuts away from me to the OR area.  And al of a sudden my friend Gina from the ER was there with a basket full of good stuff…grapes, oranges, peaches, and Water for Elephants, the book!  She knew I had been trying to borrow it from the library for weeks now.  This was totally unexpected, and I felt pretty special.  By this time too, my own nerves were really on edge…so everything seemed sort of un-real.  The volunteer checked me in and was a little disapproving at the crowd that was starting to form in the lobby to wish me well…. my Nurse, Amy came out.  Turns out she had been Kim’s nurse just 2 days ago.  She had a great sense of humor. She took me back and asked a lot of questions…then had me get “dressed” for surgery….

And here I am.  They use these paper gowns which are HUGE!  but the coolest thing is that they have a little vent hole for the Bair Hugger device.  the little white tube then pumps nice and lovely warm air right into your gown.  Being always cold, I loved this.

Anesthesia came and spoke with me.  FIrst thing she did was thank me for the donuts, and told me the entire staff wanted to say hi to me.   I knew I had made the right move there!!!  I am humbled as I completely forgot her name. She is a Marathoner as well, so that was fun.  I found her to be very very thorough.  And I felt really safe in her hands.  She suggested something called an LMA rather than the traditional endotracheal tube.  which was even nicer.  Unfortunately that was vetoed by my doctor.  During the chat with anesthesia, Amy the RN started my IV.  Even though it was a big one it did not hurt as much as I had anticipated.

After this they let Kim come and see me.  She was really helpful as calming my nerves.  Dr Brcka came in and I confessed that as of Monday my hip pain was almost at a 0.  I then told him “If there isn’t anything wrong in there make something up!”  He gave me the “look” and patiently explained that he does not do surgery on people who do not need surgery.  He answered all my questions, and again I felt very reassured.

After he left, they came in gave me some antibiotics, some pepcid via the IV and some Versed.  Kim warned me that the Versed would make me chatty, but actually it knocked my behind out.  I pretty much fell asleep.

Suddenly I was being wheeled into the OR…It was freeeezing!!!!  I moved over to the table and found the Anesthetist was using some sort of warmed pad!  Joy!!!!   All the staff were smiling and telling me who they were…don’t recall any of them.  At that point they gave me all of the night night drugs and did their thing.

I woke up in recovery at 4 pm.  (where did the time fly to I wonder?).  My nurse was Teresa from Kim’s surgery and she was as competent that day as she was for Kim.  My hip was on fire!  My 2/10 pain had gone to a 6/10.  Apparently I had already sucked up a ton of pain meds so she gave me an IM injection of Demerol and Phenergan.  Really old school.  After that I headed to the “same day” part of recovery, where I continued to complain about pain.  Luckily they put another ice pack on me rather than any more pain meds.  When the demerol kicked in, it really kicked in!!!  at about 5:30 I was able to put on clothes with help and get the heck out of dodge.  I was wheeled out via the ER lobby which was a little humiliating, as I was still a bit of a sleepy headed fool.  We filled my scripts and finally went home.

My hip hurt a bit so I took one of the percocets that was ordered..and started the itchy phase of recovery.  but miracle of miracles it took all the pain away.  Now, my upper leg is still very very numb due to some surface nerve disruption, and also because Dr. Brcka put a lot of Marcaine numbing agent into the incisions.  I have a HUGE dressing that is draining tons of stuff.  I get to take it off today!  Dr Brcka dropped in and told me “you did have a tear”  and I think I mumbled something garbled back at him.  He spoke with Kim and Sarah and showed them the photos of the repair he did on the labrum (Which was  labeled intact via MRI)  as well as the bone removal which he did in 2 spots.  So it looks like its ON for

What is amazing is that I did not vomit once!!!!!  and my groin pain is all but gone!!!!  I am not weight bearing yet, can only use crutches, but the pain is really not what I expected.  I was also relieved to find out that I did have the tear and that I was not just being a wimp!

So today I get to go to the gym and ride the exercise bike for some time.  I am actually looking forward to it.  That and getting rid of the crutches.  Really hard to carry things like bowls of soup while on crutches.


11 thoughts on “Post Surgery Report

  1. Yay! So happy to hear that things went well and so far recovery is going well. I’m not able to see the video but I’m sure it’s a relieve that you don’t have to worry about “the kid” right now. Continued speedy recovery vibes heading your way!!

    • Amanda, I’ve posted the videos to Facebook too. My friend says he had a routeine. He hangs out under s tree all day, digging a small hole if it is hot…then comes in aorund 6 for dinner. “kills” a stuffed animal, plays some fetch and goes to sleep. I think he may like that better than with me, but…I am very relieved…as I still cant walk!!!

    • It’s a funny thing, I felt very not like a nurse. But I was really so pleased at the kindness showed by each and every staff member. I am sure some of it was caused by the Sugar high I gave all the staff…. but still. It was a much much better experience than I had with my hand.

    • It’s actually in the protocol to get on the bike and do a few other exercises from day one. Since the hip is a Movement oriented joint, moving it asap makes it less likely to get frozen up or anything. The bike, which I just pedal with the right foot, seems to be helping move some of the fluid out of the joint…

      the bike was fun, but I have to admit, Now that some of the numbing medication has worn off, I much prefer sitting still….and I am still trying to figure out how exactly to get into the shower….

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