So How am I doing?

Well, it’s Comrades Marathon day as my earlier post talked about, so I am doing fine.

I’m sufferring from the usual post surgery stuff, I suppose.  Time moves Slowly slowly.  and Things that were once easy are incredibly difficult.

I want very very much to be able to make a cup of coffee, and carry it to the couch and sit down and enjoy it.

The first day i was full on enthusiasm and perhaps all the anesthesia had not worn off, and I poured it all into a running container I have with a handle, tasted horrid.  The second day I was so disgusted I drank tea.  today i finally made a wonderful cup and drank it while propped up on the crutches in the kitchen.

I am now able to drive myself places as I stopped the Narcotics after day 1.  They actually make me very rashy and itchy so I decided to see how bad the pain was.  I really have almost NO pain.  I have an odd burning sensation when rising from a chair or the bed in my left thigh and strange pains back where I was supposed to have tendonitis.  that pain only occurs when I am trying to move my leg.  I am supposed to be toe touch only with weight bearing on the leg.  But I have to admit, I have been putting more and more weight on it as it tolerates it.  I want to be done with crutches.  Plus they want me to do things like climb on to an upright bike with toetouch weight bearing only, and that is nearly impossible!!!!

  The doc does not want me using a recumbent bicycle as it puts the hip at that 90 degree angle more often.  Getting on the upright cycle is a bit difficult, but in the end it is easier.  I cycle for 20 mins daily, and do some stretching and laying prone, so that the leg muscle does not get too too messed up.  I start real Physical Therapy on Thursday, which is very very late and I am sure the MD would be livid if he knew, but he won’t know until Friday when he sees me for follow up.  I do feel as if I am doing really well however.

My house is now sort of a disaster area.  I’m ashamed to ask for some help but I fear I shall have to.  It’s just difficult to fix meals, and attend to all the clean up.  I think if I could actually walk, bearing a little tiny bit of weight on my lefty  that I could get the house cleaned up, and I may have to call someone just to haul out the trash!  but the whole thing is just frustrating.  I have so little tolerance to be up and preparing a meal even though my kitchen is small enough that it works well in this situation.

Everyone at the gym has been sensational, cheering me on in my recovery.  and I have all my daily mile pals who are consistently giving me thumbs up for my 2-3 mile bike rides.  I feel pretty soft and fluffly now.  I’ve contacted a guy who had the same procedure last year in June, and he has been very encouraging.  It took him 8 months to be able to run again, but before that he was on the ellipitical and such so I feel hopeful.  it is also nice to email back and forth with a few people who have been through this as it’s hard to explain how isolated and unsure I feel.  I get this feeling of “Is this it?”  alot.  People who live each and every day with handicaps that don’t improve really are a testament to the human will…because if this is it, it bites.  Fortunatly, it appears to be just a phase for me!


5 thoughts on “So How am I doing?

  1. You are amazing! However, you should ask for help, and you can always return the favour at a later date. Don’t push things to hard and fast, Mr FD did that with knee surgery and ended up having to have repeat surgery.
    Best wishes.

    • You know FD, I was surfing through the net regarding this repair and I found a blog of a woman who had my “repair” 4 times. I just can not imagine going through this 4 times…though I do think the second time around I’d be better prepared with a few different things… More instant foods…for one!

  2. I’m only reading this now but I hope all is well and you are running marathons by now! It’s true that while living through an injury, working at getting better, dreaming of the day you will be “normal” it really takes a toll, but in the end, it is only temporary. When it happened to me, it certainly helped me gain a whole new respect for those in wheelchairs, or those where their mobility relies on some sort of aid outside of what the good lord gave us.

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