Feeling a little errr…

like I need to be set on fire.  So, on Monday, we had a Holiday, Memorial Day, which meant the gym was closed.  Offices were closed and thus I was sort of “On my own”  as far as any guidance or assistance.

So, I hung out at home and discovered that I could actually walk…without crutches.  It was great.  I did just a few things because it was easier to walk with partial weight bearing and the crutches.  I sat at the couch and drank my perfectly prepared coffee.  I did a bit of laundry.  some dishes.

I will admit this was much easier than walking about with the crutches.  Plus, I had this idea that I was “ahead of the curve”.  There is only one other person who has had a similar surgery and she is the Mother of one of the Nurses I work with.  So…she apparently had done wonderfully and got rid of her crutches after 2 weeks.

So I was thinking, yes!  i am fit!  I can do this faster.  I WILL BE THE AMAZING PHYSICAL THERAPY WONDER CHILD!

Well, except for the fact that I was not supposed to put any weight on the hip for 14 days to allow the labrum to heal…well…

yeah.   PT told me.  and then the MD called to confirm.  No one seemed too upset.

I had a ton of pain last night.  Mostly in areas that were not the labrum area pain.

I think it was exacerbated by my realization that I only have 14 days of this, not an eternity.  How impatient does one need to be.  At this point it is 9 days….today, I plan on mostly lounging.  eventually making it to the gym…biking and going home.  though I would love to get a steak somewhere in there…



4 thoughts on “Feeling a little errr…

  1. Oh dear – this brought back memories! After my foot surgery the doctor kept emphasizing how important it was not to put any weight on it too soon. Of course I fell off my crutches and put *lots* of weight on it LOL. I was way more worried about damage I might have done than the doctor was when I mentioned my fall to him. I think they err on the side of caution.

  2. I am feeling much better now that I have some guidance via Physical therapy EmJay! It is amazing how much we actually may be able to do , but for fear that we will do more. No fear of that here. I pretty much fell asleep during mt 15 minutes Ice time in PT! They were amazed.

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